Monday, June 27, 2011

Broken Promises and Hypocrisy - Guantanamo


  1. Mikeb302000:

    I think you need a "full auto" setting for the videos. Whether it's your end or mine, I cannot watch videos here without having them stop and start every few seconds. Not a good way to get information.

    I'm guessing that the content of the video is about Gitmo not being closed, though Mr. Obama said it would be--if I'm wrong, I stand corrected. Assuming I'm right; the primary reason that Gitmo is still open and operating is that the GNoP has blocked any sort of resolution in the House by refusing to fund the exercise and by ginning up fauxtrage in their base with oogedy-boogedy stories about Al Queda attacking any courts that might host prosecutions of legitimate defendants.

  2. because Dumb'Old'commie thinks they are safeJune 27, 2011 at 4:59 PM

    ....GNoP has blocked any sort of resolution.....

    Just release them back into the wild it costs nothing and they are all just misunderstood....

  3. There's an e-mail address on the front page for sending in suggestions.

    About releasing all the prisoners, no one ever said to do that, just like no one said they're all misunderstood. But there have been cases of innocent men being held there.

  4. That banner right in front of her tits was really bumming me out. But seriously. It's just wrong and it is a source of great shame and approbation.

    The NYT this week told us of a plan by the bi-partisan Senate Armed Forces Committee to re-evaluate the way prisoners of war (read enemy combatants,) are denied habeas corpus, create a review process for releasing inmates who could be reasonably proven to not be of any threat the the U.S.A. or its allies, as well as other encouraging provisions. (How did we get to this point? WTF???) Unfortunately, written right into the bill was the big crowd-pleaser to permanently block any plan to build a prison to house these prisoners in the continental 48. In other words, perpetuating GITMO. I guess Obama could simply tell them that this is not acceptable.

    I'm waiting.

    Also the bill still allowed for indefinite detention of certain prisoners without any charges.

  5. Yeah, I still can't get over how disappointed I was to realize Obama is so much like Bush.

  6. Mike, does that mean he is not getting your vote in 2012?

  7. I don't think my conscience would allow such a thing. I guess I could be persuaded by the "lesser of two evils" thinking, we'll see.

  8. "I don't think my conscience would allow such a thing. I guess I could be persuaded by the "lesser of two evils" thinking, we'll see.

    June 29, 2011 10:10 AM"

    That's pretty much no contest given the batshit KKKrazzees that are running from the Party-O-GOD's side of the divide.

    I hate to keep beating a dead horse but Mr. Obama has been handcuffed by the right. In the first two years it was by the GNoP's lockstep obrstuctionism (with the connivance and assistance of the Blue Dogs) and since the mid-terms he hasn't had a majority democratic congress.

    He tried to close Gitmo early on. The reichwing's lapdogs refused to fund the closure. His choices are to force a closure which will do him no good, politically, or to try and keep a lid on it, which does him no good, politically. He could just order the release of all the people at Gitmo and get himself impeached.

    The GOP is counting on people being so fed up that they will throw away a vote by casting it for a non-viable third party or just staying home.

  9. Thanks democommie, I'll keep your ideas in mind when the cynicism gets too great.