Friday, July 1, 2011

About the Poplawski Death Sentence

I'll bet Poplawski's fellow gun enthusiasts approved too. For them it's of major importance to disavow any connection with these bad apples. A two-hour deliberation to commit state-sanctioned murder for revenge suits their purposes perfectly.

The truth is he's one of them, he's a product of their extremism which says a gun is the answer. And a frightening aspect of this sick situation is there are others just like him. They're reading the gun blogs right now, drinking in the lies and poison. They make it to the news too, usually not as dramatically as Poplawski, but they're there, day after day in every city. Just look.

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  1. I say good riddance to him. His death couldn't come soon enough.

  2. Hot lead, death and vegatables are the order of the day for this trio of home invaders......