Wednesday, June 29, 2011

About the Increasingly Militarized Weapons

This is a comment I left on TTAG.

"The nutcase militia men practicing to fight against U.S. troops—a statistically insignificant fraction of a relatively small percentage of the total firearms market"

I don't agree with that. But "statistically insignificant" is like beauty - it's in the eye of the beholder.

You know what the "increasingly “militarized"" aspect of gun sales proves? It proves that owning guns as part of your god-given fundamental human right to self-defense is bullshit. I already saw the leap from "right to life" to "owning a handgun" as bullshit, but now you kind-of make the argument for me. You might have had a point with your insistense on carrying a 9 everywhere you go, but how does one of those tricked-our AR-15's fit into the picture. It doesn't that's the answer.

In a way you've backed youself into the position that I've often allowed, which is your WANTING the gun is enough. You don't need the Constitution or the Natural Human Rights or the Bible to justify anything. You want it and that's enough. It is a free country after all. Of course you must submit to certain restrictions approved by the government. Sorry.


  1. "...Of course you must submit to certain restrictions approved by the government. Sorry."

    Or not as long as you keep "winning".

  2. Can't it be both? We have a right to own and bear guns, AND we want them. If we had the right, but didn't want them, we would be you.

  3. A) of all you completely missed the point of the article. It is about overtly aggressive up-armed police and whether that is leading to America becoming a police state. If that is happening and we see erosion of the rights of free men then as Jefferson said the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Also keep in mind that when the Second Amendment was written the weapons used to secure said freedoms against those that lost (an event that seems to have turned a then superpower into a bunch of little girls)the Revolutionary War were the military grade and the best made anywhere. Now incessant snivelers, scared of their own shadow that need to restrict the freedoms of others to validate themselves and give their little lives meaning, could attempt to put forth that the Framers never had AK's, AR's or other capable multi-purpose systems in mind and while true, no one can intelligently argue that when handed a AR in trade for a smooth bore musket, men of will and honor like Jefferson and Madison would have jumped without hesitation.

    B) and this is typical for those small minded few who seek to impose their will on others at the expense of freedom via more government control. Somehow your rights extend beyond, "I don't like guns, or this type of gun, or etc and therefore I will not have said device..." to "I don't like said device, it makes me scared or uncomfortable or....and I want you to not have it too." The left is paramount in feeling good, safe, warm and fuzzy over freedom without limit. Take a look at Canada, registration then confiscation then classification of anything the government so chooses as hate speech thereby making it illegal. Somehow the small minds of the left are ok with that process because "they don't like x anyway" And while the egocentric, self-absorbed, "my feelings are the most important feelings" left is empowered giving more power to the state at the expense of the individual, because they lack the internal integrity to fix their own issues, what the left always misses is that the government is a never ending, all consuming black hole who are incentivized to grow endlessly with respect to lines of legal code and thereby budget and head count. Net, net government expansion is good but the left is just too self absorbed to understand the eventuality that government expansion will continue until it consumes their freedoms also. Did you feel better, safer and more loved by the state when you were groped by a double digit IQ TSA agent?


  4. Anon: Isn't rather telling that Jefferson never served in the militia or army?

  5. @Jadegold--Somehow Commander and Chief escapes you.

    A coward is much more exposed to quarrels than a man of spirit.
    Thomas Jefferson

    Newton never traveled to space do his theories on physics not apply there? The Dalia Lama said the following "If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun." I doubt the Lama would ever shoot a gun and the the statement's significance is indisputable but based on your logic you would disagree.

  6. Anon: During the war for independence, TJ wasn't prez. When he was Prez, he was pretty dovish.

  7. "When he was Prez, he was pretty dovish."

    I don't think those muslim extremists in Tripoli thought so when he invaded.

  8. Ask any soldier or police officer what he'd rather have in a gun fight, a Glock or an AR-15. A tricked out AR-15 is perfect for self-defense.

    As for the militarization of gun sales, it's BS. Most civilian firearm designs are derived from military firearms.

    Ironically, one of the exceptions to that rule is the infamous .50 caliber rifle which was designed for civilians and adopted by the military.

  9. Or not as long as you keep "winning".

    Indeed. Their side more and more reminds me of the Iraq's Information Minister.

    Most civilian firearm designs are derived from military firearms.

    Many, not necessarily most. Semi-automatic rifles were also used in hunting before they were adopted by the Military. See the Remington Model 8.

  10. Anonymous said, "B) and this is typical for those small minded few who seek to impose their will on others at the expense of freedom via more government control."

    Ironically, his words better describe the gun-rights activists.

    They are the few who want to forcibly impose thier will on the rest, at great cost to the general Good, I might add.