Saturday, July 2, 2011

5-year-old Shoots 4-year-old

[Prince George’s County police spokesman Cpl. Mike] Rodriguez did not identify either boy, and he said it is unlikely detectives would seek charges against the shooter. He did say, however, that detectives were trying to determine how the child got the gun, and that the gun owner — or those who should have been supervising the boy — might face criminal charges.
If the kid's uncle is telling the truth, the gun was found outside the home. But, it doesn't matter one way or the other. These incidents are so rare the pro-gun crowd says we should stop worrying about them and above all we should stop blaming them.

But that's where we differ. I do blame them. I blame all who advocate and campaign and vote for lax gun laws and who oppose simple improvements in the gun control system that would have an immediate beneficial effect on the gun violence.

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  1. It's not clear that stricter regulations would have prevented this from happening. Maryland already has fairly strict regulations regarding handguns. They are classed as "regulated firearms", which may be transferred only through licensed firearms dealer, after a ten day waiting period, and are then registered with the state police.

  2. Truthfully I would like to see you post a story and then comment on any other tragic situation irrespective of its origin and then demand that we somehow legislate safety to be supreme and outlaw death by decree.

    Bad things happen to good people. With freedom comes risk. Or perhaps would you like your car banned from the road? After all with your logic, we should also create more laws to prevent the multitudes of fatalities which occur on the road each day...And you should willingly submit to them no matter how restrictive or draconian.. 5 MPH speed limit anyone? That will fix everything.

  3. Yeah, bad things happen to good people, and Maryland has pretty strict gun laws, at least compared to Arizona, say, but still, kids shooting each other with daddy's gun is a terrible tragedy that happens too often. Better laws would prevent some of them.

  4. Let's begin with a law that would help everyone - let us ban tooth decay. Once this is done, we could ban cockroaches and bedbugs, followed by hurricanes and tornadoes. Good laws can make the world a good place to live in. Shouldn't we also make Michael Bloomberg President for life while we do this? That would be a great law too!

  5. As usual an anonymous commenter is talking about "banning." No one else is, but I suppose by exaggerating what we say, he can more the vehemently oppose it.

    The Captain says with freedom comes risk. Yeah, the freedom to leave your guns accessible to 4-year-olds, we sure wouldn't want to restrict that one.

    I think some of these gun guys are just like rebellious adolescents who hate being told what to do and don't have the good sense to do it on their own.