Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet Fishgrease

In response to my post called Baltimore Boy Killed Playing with Daddy's Gun, Fishgrease left this comment on my Daily Kos Diary.

I left the NRA 21 years ago and I'm not going back.
I've got own 19 rifles and 2 shotguns. All locked away, with trigger locks as well, and not a single round of ammo on my property. But since I'm not using the goddamned things and don't intend to, I'd like to sell them all and donate the money to some organization that will help prevent this sort of thing.

Educating kids that firearms are deadly doesn't do a lot of good. By twelve years-old, can anyone seriously contend that this kid didn't know guns are deadly? Children can't control their emotions or their impulses. They're not criminal, they just don't have very good judgment.

Loaded firearms DO NOT belong in the home. They do not belong in my home, your home or the homes of police officers. They do not belong in motherfucking John Wayne's home or Roy Rogers' home. Having the right to do something doesn't always mean it's the right thing to do.

The likelihood of a family member or friend getting killed with a gun in your home is an area of magnitude greater than your ever shooting an intruder with it.

I grew up with firearms. Now I'm just sick of the goddamned things. I recognize and respect anyone's right to keep and bear arms. That doesn't mean I have to respect the people who exercise those rights, with little or no reason for doing so. I don't respect anyone not involved with law enforcement who keeps a loaded firearm on their person or in their vehicle. I don't respect ANYONE who keeps a loaded firearm in their home.

Shit. I recognize and respect anyone's right to protest at soldiers' funerals. The God Hates Fags bunch. I respect their rights. I just don't respect THEM.

Same goes for the 2nd Amendment folks. They're almost invariably assholes.
Is this guy great, or what?


  1. "Is this guy great, or what?"

    I keep a loaded, readily accessible rifle in my house just to offset the idiocy of guys like him.

  2. Glad your side doesn't get into name calling and other derogatory comments about the pro gun side.

  3. Nobody ever said that, Jim. What's the point?

    One think I take from this post is that some (many) former gun owners have come to their senses and become gun control supporters.

  4. If this man really exists, which I doubt, he's the equivalent of a Jew who supported the Nazis because Hitler turned the economy around & built such a cool highway system.