Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fantasy Fodder for the Gun Crowd

via Fat White Man

This is what it's all about, kill or be killed. Only real men can survive one of these encounters. The fact that, unless you're a cop or a drug dealer, the chances of running into one of these situations are about the same as experiencing a meteorite strike, has nothing to do with it. This is what we dream about. This is what we prepare for.


  1. Stupid ole Mikey missing the pointJune 4, 2011 at 10:33 AM

    Gun sure was not a magic talisman for Mr. deserved to be drawn in close and shot in the head three times.

  2. So Mikey, nothing about how the po-po was not justified in shooting this retarded reprobate three times in the head after all he had just tazered this douche-bag to no effect... shouldn't he have used some other non-lethal means to subdue, he didn't have to shoot him in the head three times.

  3. Not at all, I though it was a good clean defensive shoot. I thought the cop was unbelievable heroic and I was in awe of his strength and will to survive.

    What I question is your using stories like this to justify your fetish. I think that's silly. The fantasy of some day finding yourself in a kill-or-be-killed situation is the stuff of delusion.