Friday, June 3, 2011

Louisiana Guns on Campus Debate

Colin Goddard was there.

College campuses are always safer places than the communities that surround them, Goddard said, and having guns there is "going to make the days when there aren't shootings more dangerous."

Answering Wooton's claim that only trained gun owners who have taken safety and gun-handling classes to earn a permit would be allowed to carry handguns, Goddard points out that Louisiana has cooperative agreements with other states, including Virginia, that honor their permits.

"Virginia doesn't require that you ever shoot a gun to get a license," he said.
Now that's what I call shabby. Louisiana, which has inadequate requirements, offers reciprosity to Virginia, which has none (or next to none).

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  1. I heard today that the LA guns-on-campus bill is dead in committee. Joins failed efforts in Texas and Oregon. On to Nevada, where it is sure to fail as well.

    Students don't want it. Faculty don't want it. Law enforcement and campus security don't want it. The only ones for it are extremist gun loons and legislators to push their "guns for everyone everywhere" agenda.