Monday, August 15, 2011

An Armed Society is a Polite Society

Wendy Whisman practicing.

..or so opined Glenn "InstaCracker" Reynolds.

Of course, I'd argue otherwise.  And my post about guns and bars the other day illustrates that perfectly.

Doing a bit more research into the incident at "Da Bomb" or Bombadier Club as it is also known paints a vivid picture of the perils of gunloonery.  As the news accounts note, Ms. Whisman apparently got into an argument over a pool table inside the bar.  This argument escalated into a fistfight between Ms. Whisman's boyfriend and another man.

Whisman--no longer "Da Bomb"
This is where things should have ended.  A fat lip, a bloody nose..maybe a chipped tooth.

But it didn't.  Because Wendy Whisman pulled her gun.

She fired into the crowd, striking another woman (who had come to the club to celebrate a birthday) and a man.  Fortunately, both suffered wounds that weren't life-threatening.

What's revealing is that Whisman isn't some "gangbanger" (the term used by gunloons to describe those who misuse guns); she isn't some kid, she's 40 with kids.  Because Whisman elected to go drinking--with a gun--her life has changed forever.  She faces some pretty serious jail time and I'd imagine a couple of civil suits.

The moral is pretty clear; every gunloon believes he is going to be responsible and make the right decision appropriate to the situation.  Wendy Whisman probably thought so as well.


  1. Of course, the title quotation comes from Science Fiction writer Robert Heinlein's book Beyond This Horizon.

    But the gunloon position appears to be based upon fiction of various sorts:from pseudohistory and pseudoscholarship.

    To the outright scientific falsehoods of John Lott.

    I wonder why he still has a job but Michael Bellesisles doesn't?

  2. Because Michael Belleisles admitted he lied?

    John Lott is a sack of shit and anyone who uses his "research" to support their stance on gunz knows this.

    How did that young gunzslingerezz get all banged up?