Monday, August 15, 2011

Dog Bite Leads to Murder

The incident occurred around 1:10 a.m. when Jones' dog allegedly bit Hinton on his leg during a party at the residence, authorities said. When Hinton confronted Jones about the dog bite, the two became involved in a disturbance, authorities said.

Hinton then left the residence and shortly after returned with a pistol, authorities said. He then allegedly accosted Jones and fired several shots, fatally shooting Jones and striking two other men.
The fascinating part for me is the way the enraged man went out, got the gun, and returned, still angry enough to shoot up the place.

This happens a lot. We often hear of a work confrontation in which somebody goes out to the parking lot to retrieve a gun and comes back to commit murder.

What occurred to me is that claiming concealed carry makes us safer is wrong. Given the minimal training required and the total lack of screening for mental issues, wouldn't concealed carry among civilians increase these types of incidents? In a difficult moment one of these angry guys wouldn't even have to go out to the car for the gun.

Aren't gun onwners subject to the same stresses as other folks? We've shown in the Famous 10% Theory that many gun owners are severely afflicted with these ordinary problems. The proliferation of concealed carry is going to do more harm than good, we're already seeing it.

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  1. I was talking to a friend of mine while visiting his place of business, some years back, and asked him if a particular jerk housepainter was still around.

    He told me that the gent in question was a decedent. Seems his neighbor's dog had taken a dump on his lawn, so he shot the dog. The neighbor then shot him. The only real victim was the poor dog.