Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oathkeepers in the News..Rapist Edition

We've written several times about these grifters, losers, racists, teatards, terrorists, wannabes and crooks before.

Oathkeeper, Terrorist, Child Molester, Gunloon
Well, it seems one of their leaders, a certain Charles Dyer, is all upset because he's pretty sure the Ewww Esss Constitution gives him every right to rape seven year-olds and to steal grenade launchers from the US Army.  So much so, he decided he couldn't get a fair hearing from our Kenyan Socialist Judicial System--so he's on the run.

So...if you ever meet someone who's an Oathkeeper--you might want to keep the kiddies far, far away.


  1. Just like this site to be so one sided. Are you aware that DNA evidence exohnerates this man? Are you aware tha the DA hid his ex-wifes computer from him that showed she was lying? Did you know they burned his house down? Are you aware that they kicked off 20 people from his jury pool because they said they would find him guilty even if the evidence showed otherwise?

    I really expect too much from sites like these. Like... truth. My bad huh?

  2. Anonymous, there are conflicting stories here, and not such clear evidence. Further you appear to be misrepresenting the current DNA evidence. While it does not convict Dyer, it also does not exonerate him apparently. I think you must be getting your information exclusively from the Dyer youtube rants, and not so much from more reliable sources. I haven't been able to find anything that suggests your statement about the 20 people in the jury pool, or the DA hiding Dyer's ex-wife's computer, and it turns out to be Dyer's girlfriend who was involved in the burning down of his house / trailer.

    Apparently in addition to Dyer's 7 year old daughter claiming her father raped her, there is a possibliity of semen evidence in a second sex-with-a-minor case, relating to Dyer and his girlfriend.

    So......really? Maybe YOU should be the one who looks more closely at what you call 'truth'. I have a pretty darn good track record with fact checking, and both you and Dyer are failing.

  3. Trust me, she does.

    And so do I have a pretty good ability to fact check.

    I do have to admit being a bit more open minded about child sex cases since they make up the bulk of my practise.

    I found information on the Duncan Banner that backs up Dog Gone's comments.

    As a former para, I find it hard to buy that an ex-USMC would think an M-203 was a flare gun.

    Pull the other one, mate.

    Although the child sex trial did end with a hung Jury--for what that's worth.

    Personally, as someone who makes a living defending this type of person, I would like to see much more substantial proof of the existance of said exonerating evidence than the Dyer friendly sites.

    Additionally, Dyer has gone on the run.

    Not a good sign.

    I had a client whose trial also ended in a mistrial with the Judge telling the prosecution that she thought it was a witch trial (after initial disbelief of client's innocence).

    Said client is still living at home, despite having lost his job and ability to work in his chosen field.

    Running is a sign of guilt, not innocence.

    He's saying to me that he knows deep down that they've got the goods on him.

    For all the apologia on the internet on his behalf.

  4. I'm sure that anonyclown would be just as supportive of Dyer if he was part of the Brady campaign.

  5. Guys like Anonymous love to accuse people of failing to allow for due process. Yet, when defending one of their own, the go way beyond the presumption of innocense. They're outraged that we'd even consider such allegations.

  6. You mean these people who want to be judge, jury, and exocutioner believe in due process?

    Mikeb, they obviously believe in due process only for themselves.