Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good Move - Smart Cop

A man suspected of tending an illegal marijuana grow Tuesday morning near Highway 70 reportedly tried to remove a handgun from the holster of a deputy taking him into custody.

The suspect, Humberto Lepe-Cervantes, 25, of Jalisco, Mexico, grabbed the firearm, but was quickly subdued, a press release stated.

No other suspects were located. The deputy wasn't immediately identified.

A total of 6,018 mature marijuana plants and 550 pounds of processed marijuana was removed.
We've certainly seen cases in which "grabbing for the cops gun" received a harsher treatment than being "subdued." Congratulations to the unidentified officer for doing the right thing.

Or, I should say for not killing the stupid gun grabber (you see, this is the proper use of that expression). Being involved in a marijuana raid, of course, is not the right thing. This is waste of everybody's time and money.

What's your opinion?  Why do some cops subdue the criminals and get their hands dirty, so to speak, while others just blow them away?  Does it depend more on the circumstances or the temperment of the police involved?

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  1. There are several proper uses of the term "gun-grabber." This is one; fools who want to deny others their rights would be another.

  2. There is a good chance that a lot of that weed was probably headed for the medical market. That's where the money is.

  3. Does it depend more on the circumstances or the temperament of the police involved?

    Could you ask the same of the pot growing criminal, why didn't he just let himself be arrested? why did he have to resort to attempting attempting to grab the officers gun.

    By your thinking the officer was the only one that should have a gun the criminal should never even attempted to take it....

    Well he was an criminal illegal immigrant, he should have been shot.... now we just have to wait for Eric Holder's DOJ turn him loose in a few months so he can try again....