Friday, August 5, 2011

Not Only Am I Always Correct...

..I drink better beer than you.



  1. Nope, I’m drinking the same beer right now. I saw your post, so I went down to the fridge and opened a can of Dale’s Pale Ale. You may take the position that Dogfish head 90 min IPA is better than Pliny the Elder (an odd position to take unless you have an inferior palate- to each is own), but one thing that you unequivocally can not say is that your Dale’s Pale Ale is better than my Dales Pale Ale. Thus you are wrong.

  2. Pliny the Elder is nice; the problem is that it has a big citrus--grapefruit--finish that is often associated with what is known as a 'sharp' beer. 'Sharp' beers tend to have a tad bit too much sugar. That's likely not the case with Pliny and heavy citrus notes aren't bad in themselves. But the key is to successfully meld or blend those sharp notes with the malt and other flavors.

    Remember, this isn't to say Pliny is bad; quite the opposite, it's very good. But DF 90 min is superior.

  3. Nice post, Jade. The funny thing is after about 900 posts on guns, I still don’t get you- but a few exchanges about beer and I have good idea about your palate. I agree with everything you said, it is just flip/flopped for me. The 90 min is an excellent beer- outstanding even. Like many double/imperial IPAs it comes off a tad cloying. That is where the Pliny the Elder becomes transcendent. Double the intensity, double the aroma, double the flavor- and just as drinkable as a regular IPA, refreshing even. That is not to say I don’t appreciate a good rich malt- in fact one of my favorite beers is EKU. But I drink IPA for the crisp hops and clean aroma and the Pliny the Elder holds true to that while cranking the dial up to eleven.