Friday, August 5, 2011

Reporting Multiple Sales

The new regulation imposed by the ATF would require gun stores in Arizona, New Mexico, California and Texas to report multiple sales of semi-automatic rifles in an effort to halt to flow of firearms into Mexico. The regulation was a direct outcome of the agency's failed "Operation Fast and Furious" and would go into effect on August 14.

All the whining and whinging about this requirement provides us with one of the best glimpses into the warped minds of gun-rights folks. Yes, indeed, it will cost the gun shops money because starting in ten days, gun smugglers and straw pruchasers are going to have to limit the number of guns they buy.  So the monetary loss will be the dirty money the FFL guy would have made from criminals.

And all the while they keep telling us how respectable and responsible they are. The fact is, many of the gun dealers along the border have been making a killing on the booming illegal business there, simply because they've been able to get away with it. Of course they're going to squawk, mercenary dealers in death that they are.

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  1. "The new regulation imposed by the ATF"

    That opening line says it all right there. IMPOSED BY THE ATF. Not imposed by Congress.

    Sorry, Federal agencies don't get to make up their own laws--that is why we have a legislature.

    I don't have a problem with there being a long gun reporting requirement. I do have a problem with the government making up their own laws at will.

  2. FWM, I think the ATF is responding appropriately, and more timely, than our dysfunctional congress which is unable to pass necessary laws (including this). It is not evident that this is an ATF over rreach despite assertions by the NRA to the contary.

    But that is what we have courts to decide.

    As to this being a unique problem to the border states.....I earlier posted here a story from the MN based STrib, done in a 4 part series, of gun purchases made at our MN Cabellas stores, tracked to over-the-border criminals in Mexico. This is NOT a problem with gun acquisition originating ONLY in these border states, although presumably the ATF is privy to information I am not for making those states the focus.

    FWM, if we miss it, I hope you will keep us all apprised of the progress of the NRA court cases challenging this.

  3. Dog gone,

    Please provide the appropriate U.S Code that allows the ATF to make this demand.

  4. Mikeb, you are, excuse the expression, shooting yourself in the foot even mentioning Operation Fast and Furious when the Obama administration is trying to cover up the failures of this operation. (I assume you are a supporter of Obama.) Operation F&F, NOT the economy, is what will tank this president. Expect high-level resignations and possible impeachment. You heard it here first.

    Arhooley--you're joking, right?

  6. Finally, some positive movement from the White House to limit illegal guns!

    It won't stop the illegal trade, and those who do the purchasing will now need to move northward to get their dirty guns, but at least is should make a dent to stem the flow of guns into Mexico. Once shown to be successful in those states, hopefully it will be extended nationwide.

  7. My reaction was the same as JedeGold's to arhooley. Then, on the other hand, this is the country which impeached a president for lying about a blowjob.

    My point to FWM is, who says it's not the right of the ATF to impose such regulations. Isn't that their mandate, or part of it?

    And the bigger question is, why would anyone oppose this one? What do you think the proportion of multiple long-gun buyers, good guys to bad guys, is anyway? I'd say 1 to 10.

  8. "Once shown to be successful in those states, hopefully it will be extended nationwide."

    No, once it is not shown to make any difference whatsoever, the anti's, as usual, will say that it would be if it was extended nationwide.

    "And the bigger question is, why would anyone oppose this one?"

    I don't oppose a multiple long gun reporting scheme--I just oppose the ATF making up their own laws without the legislature.