Friday, August 5, 2011

More on Michigan Concealed Carry

With nearly 276,000 Michiganders now licensed to carry concealed weapons, there has been no epidemic of bloodshed and violence; only 2% of license holders have been sanctioned for any kind of misbehavior.

Still, these encouraging statistics and trends do not mean that Michigan should loosen its laws on carrying concealed weapons -- or, for that matter, not consider reasonable restrictions on the current law. While the law has not demonstrably made Michigan more dangerous, neither has it conclusively made it safer. There is no way of knowing even how many people with concealed weapons permits actually carry guns.
We've already pointed out why that 2% figure is bogus, namely that the police records are incomplete due to counties in Michigan that don't report. But this article brings up another. To get an accurate picture of how many guys who carry guns are committing crimes, you have to first determine how many are carrying guns.

In other words, the 2% figure was reached by using an too-small number for the crimes and a too-big number for the gun carriers.

One thing we can agree on is that biased and close-minded pro-gun arguments are ofetn made up of exaggerations and distortions.   This is just the latest example.

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  1. I think your of full of crap you can't thinkstraight. That 2% is not crimes committed by permit holders it's permit holders who have broken either rules or laws pertaining to carry. Yes there are some criminal acts committed by those people but the number is tiny. A large part of the two percent are people who have worn the gun into a prohibited space, perhaps had a DUI while the gun was there, divorced and had to deal with a restraining order etc, which are administrative rather than criminal sanctions.

    In public policy, proscribing things which do not matter just to be spiteful always leads to trouble. Michigan is talking about expanding where carry is allowed based on many other states and many years of experience in understanding that pursuing and locking up criminals has a higher return than creating criminals with stupid laws.

  2. Cowman, I'm going to continue to delete you until you provide your seabee class number, on the basis that liars don't have the intellectual honesty to engage in a discussion here, and simply because combat vet poseurs offend me.

    So.......give that up, or stand down and shut up.

  3. Apparently cowman doesn't get it, this is a moderated blog. The admins have to post the content and the comments. So yes, cowman YOU DO have to provide that information, since YOU asserted it in the first place.

    Or you can in the words of that old song,

    "you can keep a knockin', but you can't come in"

    Because that is how much I personally object to poseurs who lie.

    It's a simple number, and YES, you DO have to prove it.

  4. P, it sounds like you're making up things that make sense to you. You really don't know what "crimes" those guys have been guilty of do you?

    I don't mind guessing, I do it myself, but you can't disparage what I say and pass your guesswork off as fact.