Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Nut with a Gun Goes Fatally Off the Rails

Our gun nuts would never deny this ass his firearm fetish object.  Everyone MUST be allowed to have their guns and to engage in public and private gun fights, if they have their way.  Because that's how they define freedom: people shooting each other.

THAT is NOT free.  THAT is not the right we all have to be safe, including to be safe from nuts and people who don't recognize they're nuts, with guns.   Everyone's rights end at the next person's nose, so to speak.  Bullets from guns routinely violate that right, that boundary, that freedom. 

Gun nuts don't have a good comeback for that, so they blatther inane platitudes in place of facts.

This is the reality, this is the kind of fact they have to avoid.  But they cannot distance themselves far enough to separate their connection as pro-shooting pro-gun nuts from events like this, particularly when they so strenously insist that these shootings which frequently COULD be prevented by stricter gun laws and enforcement SHOULD NOT be prevented.  Better to have people put at risk, better to have people killed, than for one of them to be impeded from their obssessive fetish objects.

Shame on the gun nuts; they deserve our contempt and condemnation for obstructing reasonable gun regulation that could help prevent these occurrences.  Thank god no one else was killed, but it is still a tragedy that a member of law enforcement was injured by the gunfire.

From, NBC news and the AP, by way of
Guard kills gunman at NY courthouse

Steve Borland / Times Herald-Record via AP
Police and medical personnel respond to the scene of the shooting in Middletown, N.Y., on Wednesday.
By NBC News and news services
Authorities say a 43-year-old man has died after being wounded by officers during a gunfight at an upstate New York courthouse on Wednesday. A court officer was wounded.
The gunman was identified as Tim Mulqueen, a former Middletown landlord with a grudge against Middletown Mayor Joe DeStefano, reported.
Court records show Mulqueen had a pending case involving menacing and other charges after an encounter with DeStefano's daughter at the mayor's home last August.
The mayor's office did not immediately comment.
One man told that he was arriving at the courthouse just as the shooting began.
"I hear a 'boom, boom, boom,' and I stopped myself," he said. "I'm thinking 'Wow, what's going on?' I saw a bunch of people tripping over each other to get out."
Another witness said "everybody hit the floor" when the gunfire began.
Middletown police say the gunman went to the vestibule at City Court at about 9 a.m. Wednesday and fired at the security officers. They returned fire, hitting him at least once.
The officer's injuries were not life-threatening, police told
The Associated Press contributed to this report.


  1. Hmmm,

    New York = A year waiting period for state permission to buy a gun.

    New York = No gun license for any domestic.

    New York = Police discretion to issue a pistol permit.

    New York = Check to see if the applicant is a "nut"

    New York = All the cool cosmetic things like 10 round magazine limits.

    New York = One of the top rated Brady states.

    New York = Guns banned from government buildings.

    Yes you posted another glaring example of gun control FAIL.

  2. Add to FatWhiteMan's list the fact that this man was under indictment for a violent crime--doesn't that mean that he has to surrender his guns?

    Dog Gone, you seriously don't understand us. You continually make up lies about what we think. This man should not have had a gun while he was facing charges for a violent offense. Could it be that the bail system is too easy? Could it be that a condition of bail ought to be a search of the suspect's home?

    But this man isn't the kind of gun owner that we've named to you time and time again. We're interested in protecting the rights of gun owners who aren't facing trial and who don't have criminal records. Why can't you understand that?

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  4. Bill, I didn't see anything wrong with that comment. I'll respond to it.

    You pro-gun guys often bitch about cops being treated better than civilians, yet you have no problem treating criminals as less than everybody. That's wrong. Everybody's life is valuable.

    1. Mikeb, why don't you take more control over your blog? I've complained to you before about the comment policy, and it appears that you are more on my side than on that of your fellow authors.