Saturday, February 11, 2012

Georgia Man Atibi Thomas - Attempted Murder or Honest Mistake?

Police One reports on a complicated shooting story which we'll need to watch. In Georgia they suffer from two, sometimes conflicting, fallacies. One is that gun rights are sacred and what legitimate gun owners do with their guns gets a lot of leeway. The other is that cops are better and more important then the rest of us. "Cop killer" is one of the lowest forms of murderers. This story has both. And of course there's that other fallacy about race, but let's ignore that one, shall we?

This defendant's case is not typical, but officer says his guilt is obvious.

On a day where almost everything went wrong, Atibi Thomas and Keith Roach were lucky about one thing when they met nearly two years ago: Roach wore his bulletproof vest.

If Roach had removed the vest when he ended his shift as an Atlanta police officer at 3 p.m. on May 29, 2010, he would be dead and Thomas would be facing a life sentence in prison — if not the death penalty — instead of the 25 years he faces this week.

Thomas shot Roach three times when the officer was in full uniform, fracturing Roach's rib, piercing both arms and shattering a cellphone in a pocket above the officer's heart. Why? He said he thought the officer was a crook.

In describing the action which took place immediately before the shooting, Thomas's being a concealed carry guy was confirmed.

Thomas prepared for trouble. He put his Glock .357 semi-automatic pistol, which he was licensed to carry, into his side pocket.
He says he's innocent. What do you think? If not attempted murder, he's bound to be convicted of something, wouldn't you think?

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  1. If they dislike Cop Killers, then why do they countenance the easy accessibility by criminals for firearms?

    Shouldn't they promote policies which would stop this?

    Do these people really mean it when they say they believe life is scared if they promote the ownership of deadly weapons as well?

  2. Hecks no. The cop was wrong, 100%

    The cop is actually an attempted victim killer, wouldn't you say? Since he intended to kill the victim. Instead of going after the 3 robbers with gun.

    Honestly, the best thing to is for them to drop this, otherwise they;re going to look bad. No decent, smart person who can read through the words of the shady AJC article is going to believe the cop. Plus in Georgia cops are CONSTANTLY killing innocent people, it's sad, but cops are known for killing first and asking questions last.

    The poor guy should get no time, and I think everyone agrees.

  3. This is crazy. The police officer needs to tell the truth and admit that he was involved in the robbery like today.