Monday, February 6, 2012

Remember How It Is That WE Think You Pro-Gunners Who Carry Are A Hazard to the Rest of Us?
Here is a perfect example of why that is!

It is inherently more dangerous to have large numbers of people who believe themselves to be safe but are of dubious judgment and who practice questionable gun security armed with lethal weapons.  A safe and civilized society where there is a RIGHT to be safe, not a right to be armed with lethal force, means that we shouldn't be subjected to the danger from your fetish objects, or your gun lunatic fantasies and fears.

This is just one more gun nut who shot himself instead of someone else accidentally, but it could AS EASILY have been an innocent bystander who was the victim, or someone else's property.

This was filed uner news of the weird, and I'd agree that the failed logic of gun nuts is pretty weird and twisted.  But the underlying point is that you are more dangerous as a group of people than any claims of safety for yourselves, your loved ones or the public in general can justify for an armed civlian society.

We would all be safer with instead more and better equipped law enforcement, including surveillance and other monitoring equipment which both aids law enforcement to prevent crime, and to catch and successfully prosecute criminals.  We do not need more armed Joe-Bob public idiots.  Law enforcement has to have a better knowledge of the law and a more legitimate authority to enforce it.  Law enforcement has to train regularly and meet minimum standards of accuracy and safety.  Law enforcement is insured through their municipal or state jurisdiction for any mistakes they make - and they do make some - or for the actions of any bad apples among them.  Law enforcement has the ability to call for assistance from fellow law enforcement officers, and to coordinate efforts against criminals at the time of a crime that provide alternatives to deadly force, making for a greater range of options to preclude people being hurt or killed.  Law enforcement  is increasingly more often equipped with alternative weapons, including tasers and stun guns and pepper spray, rubber bullets, and protective equipment, alternatives or aids to solutions involving weapons of lethal force.

Before you insist here in one of your comments about how safe and how 'good' the public is with weapons, remember this guy.  And if you don't (I expect you will do your best not to think of these instances at all, and to try to deny them to yourself, as part of your pattern of intellectual dishonesty), be sure that will bring them up to remind you.  I doubt most of these even merit a mention in the national news, or depending on other events, local news.  But they occur, regularly.

Hmmmmmmmm.......I wonder if the person who sold this dangerous man the gun was a private seller.  I wonder if he checked to see if the dangerous gun carrier was a prohibited person or not.  I'm betting not.

This guy should lose his gun ownership for having an accident, particularly one in a public place. He is clearly NOT safe.  And while he and people like him are carrying, or just owning, neither are we.  We have a moral right to be safe - safe from all of you.  Your rights should not be more important than ours.

from the AP by way of :

Police: Man shoots self in leg at gun show

26-year-old leaving Georgia civic center when he accidentally discharged a round

updated 2 hours 6 minutes ago 2012-02-06T14:11:45
Authorities say a Georgia man is recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the leg at a Savannah gun show.
Police say 26-year-old Charles Lake was leaving the gun show at the Savannah Civic Center around 5:10 p.m. Sunday when he discharged a round into his leg while re-loading his pistol.
Savannah-Chatham police spokesman Julian Miller says Lake bought the pistol at the gun show on Saturday and had returned Sunday to purchase another gun. Police say he was re-loading the pistol in the parking lot because loaded guns weren't allowed inside the gun show.The Savannah Morning News reports Lake was taken to Memorial University Medical Center with an injury not considered life-threatening. No other injuries were reported.
Savannah-Chatham police are investigating the incident.


  1. Missing Dog,

    It would never occur to you that this is a case for not banning loaded concealed carry guns? This man was trying to follow the rules. He didn't bring his carry gun in. He unloaded it, since that's the safe way to leave it unattended, according to you. He then had to reload it for it to be useful.

    How about this: Anyone who tries to ban gun rights loses her right to speak in public.

    I don't like that idea, since I support freedom, but it's along your line of "reasoning."

    1. I get it now, it wasn't his fault. It was the fault of the gun control laws.

  2. Here's a couple of other things I just noticed:

    1. Joe Bob idiots? Why don't you just admit to a prejudice against Southerners?

    2. You argue for more police surveillance. Perhaps you want to install cameras in all of our homes across America? That would solve domestic violence cases. Why not require e-mail accounts to be available for police inspection? No more terrorists planning bad deeds on-line. Freedom is dangerous, but the alternative that you want is much worse.

  3. So he pulled a Laci. Accidents happen.

  4. As I mentioned last week I haven't got internet at home at the moment. This is partly because I waited too long to schedule a new hook up from Time Warner; it's mostly because Time Warner appears to be so fucking braindead that they can't locate my house, even though I gave them the name of a customer of their's who lives NEXT DOOR.

    In any event I only have a few minutes to do a lot of catching up so I can't really do more than say that Greg Camp is definitely starting to read like a guy who lives in his jammies and mumbles a lot.

    Ta ta, I'll be back.

    1. Ah, Democommie, you left out writes in many journals in tiny script. . .

    2. democommie, we're looking forward to your triumphant return to the world of wide band internet.

  5. "We would all be safer with instead more and better equipped law enforcement..."
    No thanks, I'd prefer not to live in a police state. You might end up with police like this or his cohorts.
    or a police department like this
    that leave thugs on the street like this
    and you're still forgetting the fact that SCOTUS has ruled, many times, that the government has no duty to protect the citizens.

  6. There's an old saying...I'd rather be tried by twelve than carried by six.