Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blogroll Amnesty Day 2012

The first weekend in February marks the observance of Blogroll Amnesty Day, when we celebrate small blogs by linking some of 'em. This event was co-founded by the much missed Jon Swift (who explained its origins here), and by skippy

My only problem is I can't be sure the guys I link to aren't bigger than I am.

Fat White Man runs a very informative pro-gun blog, yet he's a gentleman.

Penigma is where I found co-blogger, Dog Gone.  If you thought she was prolific just over here, check Penigma out.

Laci the Dog, another esteemed co-blogger, runs his own show as well. 

Polrant, another esteemed co-blogger's blog. democommie

Kid Shootings, this one'll open your eyes.

The Brain Police, you could spend hours reading Microdot.  I have.

Common Gunsense is Joan Peterson's wonderfully informative and reasonable blog about gun control.

Democurmudgeon is a wonderful political blog from the correct perspective.


  1. Replies
    1. Don't feel too bad--it's a quota system. You're the token gun rights guy.

  2. You call Joan Peterson informative and reasonable? How about dissembling and dismissive?

  3. I'm a couple days late but been busy.

    I see we have many of the same blogs on our Blog roll and I have been participating in B.A.D. for several years now, Skippy was the first big blog to link to my sorry little rant hole and did this year too. .

    In the Spirit of BAD, you are now on my Blogroll at Ornery Bastard and I am looking forward to going through some of your stuff to see what I have been missing!

  4. Bustednuckles,

    I remember you from White Rabbit. He was the very first to blogroll me.

    I think that's where I've seen you.