Monday, February 6, 2012

Karaoke, Fathers and Sons, and Guns

via from Microdot

He then went to his pickup, grabbed a semi-automatic pistol and pointed it at his approaching son who had gone outside to talk to him. The younger Oller retreated back into the residence and locked his door but later opened it after he believed his father had left the front porch.

Upon opening the door, however, he was confronted by his father, who again pointed the handgun at him. That triggered a fight, and the son was shot multiple times. He suffered wounds to his arm, shoulder and chest, John Kucera, the younger Oller's attorney, has said. He said Oller Jr. also suffered a head wound. The senior Oller suffered a gunshot wound to his leg during the struggle.
Do you suppose these guys were inner-city gang members or criminal drug dealers? That's who's doing all the gun violence, isn't it?

No, these are your typical gun owners who never were fit to own and operate guns.

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  1. Ah, but this did happen in California, the gun grabbers' gold star state. Curious that this is possible, even when the gun control is offensively strong. Of course, now you're going to claim that the father bought the gun illegally from some guy who drove in from Nevada. . .

    1. No, I figure he was a CCW permit holder but no one's gonna check.

    2. In California? He doesn't look like a celebrity or a politician to me, so how would he have got a license?

    3. Greg, you're repeating lies that you think sound cool.

    4. What's the lie in what I wrote? A. Celebrities can get carry licenses. B. Politicians can get carry licenses. C. Average citizens in many counties in California can't get carry licenses.

      What in that is wrong?

    5. It's bullshit, Greg, that's what's wrong with it.

      "He doesn't look like a celebrity or a politician to me, so how would he have got a license?"

      Admit when you're wrong, it'll increase your credibility when you're right.

  2. skee hee ain't relevant as to where he bought the gun, it just proves the known fact that firearms and music criticism is a very dangerous combo...western civilization still shakily exists because Lester Bangs never owned a gun!

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