Friday, February 10, 2012

German Occupied Britain

In the spirit that no one ever went broke from underestimating the intelligence of the American People, I present you with actual photographs of German Occupied British Territory during World War II.

This is in violation of the Official Secrets Act that I present these photographs and reveal the truth behind them. Yes, they are actual photographs of German Occupied British Territory which are easily found on the internet.

The problem is that the truth behind them has been hidden by the Governments of the United Kingdom and the United States since the reason Britain fell during World War II was gun control.

The United Kingdom was the First Country to institute gun control on a large scale, which left them undefended and allowed for German occupation.

The United Kingdom Government in exile on Newfoundland was able to keep this fact hidden all these years. In fact, the reason that the Royal Family made all their broadcasts on radio rather than Television was that they were living on Newfoundland--not Britain.

But, were it not for Churchill's skill in persuading the US to ally itself with the Allies and a false flag attack on Pearl Harbour by the RAF, the US would have allied itself with Germany as this picture shows.

Perhaps it was due to this fact that not even pro-gun apologists have raised the fact that Britain was occupied by the Germans during World War II because of gun control as they don't want to admit that this fact almost led to the US siding with the Nazis.

Anyway, here are pictures of Nazi Occupied Britain which provide the shocking proof of this fact:

The picture below advertises the film: Seig im Westen, or Victory in the West, about the fall of Great Britain:

Of course, these are indeed real pictures, but will the pro-gun side be stupid enough to go about repeating that the Nazis occupied Britain because of gun control?


  1. "Of course, these are indeed real pictures, but will the pro-gun side be stupid enough to go about repeating that the Nazis occupied Britain because of gun control?"

    No need. When Britain found itself at such a disadvantage, we were happy enough to bail them out. Again. Americans sent over their person arms and we lend-leased many more. You're welcome.

    Of course, every time Europe gets into trouble they need the U.S. to bail them out. Again, you're welcome.

    Europe not in trouble: "America sucks".
    Europe in trouble: "Help us Obi-Won-America, you're our only hope".

    1. We only aided their military with military equipment, as we did the militaries of other countries - Canada comes to mind.

      We could and should have done more - as was evident in how much those other countries came to OUR aid after we were attacked at Pearl Harbor.

      Or do you mistakenly believed we won WWII all by ourselves FWM? We did not, and could not have done so without all the help from our allies. Better had we not also aided the Germans in the earlier days of the war; go check out the shameful contributions to the Germans from IBM.

    2. I love it when FWM, and other patriotic, jingoistic fellows make me laugh.

      "we were happy enough to bail them out"

      WE, ya get it?

  2. The Germans did occupy a small piece of British territory during the war: the Channel Islands. But I'm guessing that these photographs are part of a training film for the Home Guard?

    Now, perhaps you could address the oft-cited claim that Americans had to ship small arms to Britain for homeland defense.

    1. No, they are from the Channel Islands. The last picture says "Guernsey" in the top right corner, which is one of the Channel Islands.

      And the Channel Islands are not part of the United Kingdom, but part of The British Monarch's territory as Duke/Duchess of Normandy.

      Maybe you are slightly smarter than I give you credit for being, Greg.

      But only slightly.

      This is tongue in cheek, but the comments made here are indeed demonstrating that I was correct in that you would believe any bullshit which happens to reinforce your world view.

    2. You seem a little vague on homeland defense, here, Greg. That was for military use, not for British Grannies to shoot invading Nazis outside the village shops.

      Maybe you should watch a few more episodes of the old Brit-com series, Dad's Army, for your history lessons.

      It was surprising how much opposition there was to the lend lease program or any other kind of help at the time from the very same politicians who are now the pro-gun bought-and-paid-for-by-the-NRA party.

      "Opposition to the Lend-Lease bill was strongest among isolationist Republicans in Congress, who feared that the measure would be "the longest single step this nation has yet taken toward direct involvement in the war abroad." When the House of Representatives finally took a roll call vote on February 9, 1941, the 260 to 165 vote fell largely along party lines. Democrats voted 238 to 25 in favor and Republicans 24 in favor and 135 against.[10]
      The vote in the Senate, which took place a month later, revealed a similar partisan divide. 49 Democrats (79 percent) voted "aye" with only 13 Democrats (21 percent) voting "nay." In contrast, 17 Republicans (63 percent) voted "nay" while 10 Senate Republicans (37 percent) sided with the Democrats to pass the bill.[11]

      President Roosevelt signed the Lend-Lease bill into law on 11 March 1941. It permitted him to "sell, transfer title to, exchange, lease, lend, or otherwise dispose of, to any such government [whose defense the President deems vital to the defense of the United States] any defense article". In April, this policy was extended to China,[12] and in October to the Soviet Union. Roosevelt approved US $1 billion in Lend-Lease aid to Britain at the end of October 1941.

      It was those darned liberals that the pro-gunners are campaigning so heavily against who provided that MILITARY support, which had fuck-all to do with personal arms. So trying to make any connectino between this and your giving importance to personal firearms is completely specious.

      It also badly mischaracterizes the relationship of the lend lease program which in turn gave us, as it neglects the REVERSE Lend Lease agreement that was a part of the program by FDR:

      Reverse Lend-Lease comprised services such as rent on air bases that went to the U.S., and totaled $7.8 billion; of this, $6.8 billion came from the British and the Commonwealth.

      You are really so tragically poorly educated in the southern states. It is bringing down our national average, causing this country to slip even worse in the compartive rankings with other countries - you know, those EUROPEAN countries for example - and proving the concerns of our founding fathers that a badly educated electorate cannot properly participate in a democracy. You know - like Tea Partiers with their revisionist history, economics, and especially science, and a whole lot of just generally ignorant southern Republicans.

    3. Dog Gone, you just can't resist taking a swing at me, even when it's off target and at a question that I asked, not a claim that I made. I'm not talking about cargo ships and tanks and destroyers--I'm asking about the assertion that I've seen, backed up by advertisements in American newspapers of the period, that we shipped handguns and so forth to England for use by the Home Guard. I recall an account that I read from years ago that said organization was studying the use of bombs coated with adhesive to attach to German tanks if they ever invaded.

      Now, can you try to avoid personal attacks and actually read what I write?

    4. No, greg, you can't help but want to make an idiot of yourself.

      Are you truly able to read, write,and understand the English language?

      Didn't the opening line clue you in?

      Well, they obviously didn't and you had to be the first to add your own 2 Belgian Centimes (I'm trying to come up with a truly useless currency here).

    5. Please do explain how I did what you say? I knew that you were being funny. Did I give any indication that I believed that the Germans invaded the main territory of Great Britain? I said that they did invade the Channel Islands. Oh, so because I didn't see Guernsey on the sign after a quick scan through your ranting, you figure that I totally misunderstood the whole thing.

      This raises two important points:

      1. You are incapable of being polite.

      2. You are also incapable of understanding basic English.

  3. The words came from this master of peace, Mahatma Gandhi's own mouth, "Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest."

    Gandhi saw firsthand the horror defenseless unarmed people must suffer. An unarmed Gandhi was shot down outside the Birla House in Delhi in January of 1948. Gandhi was a wise man with a big influence that was just not big enough.
    orlin sellers

  4. Laci, that was a brilliantly funny post. All the sour-pusses are taking it seriously, but I for one had a good laugh.


    1. Who, exactly, believed what Laci said?

    2. Greg, I too thought it was brilliantly funny. Just like all that British humor on TV that gets posted here. Their idea of brilliant is Ricky Gervais and Russell Brand. The shows on their TV is designed for idiots and each night they gather around the screen and watch because they don't know they're idiots and it isn't funny.
      Do the Brits have a George Carlin, a Chris Rock, or a Bill Hicks? Hell no. These people tell us when we are being idiots, warn us about being idiots and encourage us not to be idiots. The Brits do just the opposite, they encourage people to be idiots - and it works!
      I mean, FERCRISSAKES, Pooch had to take American Idiot from an American band. For music what do they have, twits and twats like the Spice Girls.
      DISCLAIMER: This was Humor. American humor. American satire that boils the Brits down to non-funny TV, Ricky Gervais, Russel Brand and the Spice Girls.
      orlin sellers

    3. Orlin, you are a riot, in that American rah-rah kinda way.

      I have to agree with you the American stand up guys are superior to anything that's ever come out of England. But, the way you put it is funny. Your disclaimer is too much.

    4. "Hanging on in quiet desparation is the English way. . ."