Thursday, February 9, 2012

Arguing with Some of You is Tedious Instead of Substantive

Thank you Laci for reminding me of this...


  1. Hi dog gone...

    NO IT ISN'T!

  2. Dog Gone,

    1. When I ask a question, it's generally a serious one. I want to know your answer. I don't want to be directed to pages of other people's writings when I'm asking something from YOU.

    2. I make a variety of points in my comments, but you rarely address the main ones. You quibble over minor details.

    3. You frequently delay posting my comments or block them altogether, creating a false impression of the discussion.

    4. You fail to recognize that people can share the same facts, but come to different conclusions on the basis of different values. I have asked you before whether or not you value safety as the most important thing, but you don't answer me.

    5. You should watch the sketch again, since your style here is to be immediately dismissive and insulting toward anything said by those who disagree with you.

    You would find that these discussions would be much more productive if you would take my comments seriously. The fact that most of those who comment here agree with my positions should tell you that you have a lot of work to do, both to learn how we think and to figure out how to convince us. Your goal, after all, isn't just to talk, but to see stricter gun control enacted. You have to win over people to your side. Your approach, though, only alienates people.

  3. Me: "I just came here for an argument, and..."

    Laci: "Oh, I'm sorry... This is Abuse."

  4. Funny post and video which I don't take literally - well sometimes I do.