Sunday, May 20, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Texas Man by his Brother - No Charges

Local News reports

A man in Lafayette Parish is lucky to be alive after he was shot accidentally in the abdomen. 

54 year old Kenneth Miles of Seabrook, Texas was shot while his brother inspected a revolver. 

Miles was transported to a local trauma center where is listed in stable condition. 

Deputies believe the brothers did not suspect the gun was loaded when the accident occurred. Kenneth Miles is expected to recover from his injuries.
How can there be so many incidents of "forgetting there's one in the chamber?" I just can't understand it. Wouldn't almost anybody, even those with little of no gun experience know about that?

The answer is definitely a mystery, but one thing we cannot deny is, people do this.  They do it every day, all over the place.  Imagine if we could count the times it happens and no one is injured.

It makes you wonder about gun owners.  It makes you wonder about all those claims that they are responsible and safe.

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  1. Long before I knew much of anything about guns, I knew that you don't point one at anything you're not willing to shoot. As the man said, you can't fix stupid. Nor can you base social policy on it.

    1. If a high enough percentage of gun owners are stupid, then we certainly should base policy on it.