Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oklahoma City Brawl After NBA Playoff Game Including Gunfire - 8 Wounded


  1. You are aware of the soccer hooligans in Europe, particularly in England, no? Perhaps you should advocate for banning or controlling sports.

    1. I told you guys, you have to drop the UK comparisons. Intentional homicides are 4 times higher here, largely due to gun availability.

    2. And we've shown you that both numbers are so small, especially in comparison with some other countries, that when you talk about how many times one is the other, the number will look huge, but that's an artifact of the tiny starting numbers.

    3. "I told you guys, you have to drop the UK comparisons."

      So you are going to frame the discussions around your desired outcome now? I think this specific comparison is very relevant to the CNN story that you posted.

    4. Anonymous, you're a hard guy to communicate with. I didn't say "you can't say that on my blog." I said, you should drop that argument because it's been proven false. Get it?

    5. Except that it hasn't, Mikeb.