Thursday, May 24, 2012

Police Shoot Mountain Lion in Santa Monica

The LA Times reports

No one is exactly sure how a mountain lion roamed down into the heart of Santa Monica on Tuesday morning, coming face-to-face with the janitor of an office complex not far from the city’s bustling shopping district.

But he turned out to be an unwelcomed visitor--and that generated much debate in the city.
With news choppers circling overhead, Santa Monica police managed to corner the 3-year-old lion in the courtyard of the complex. Police said they made several attempts to calm what they described as an aggressive feline using tranquilizing darts, nonlethal bullets and a fire hose. When that failed to stop the lion from trying to escape, a police officer fatally shot it.
Is it possible to calm a mountain lion using a fire hose? It reminds me of the time in Ohio when that crazy guy let all his exotic animals free before killing himself. The cops took care of that in the same way.

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  1. My opinion is that you don't know squat about animals, guns, police work, and the list goes on. A wild predator that puts itself into human space in the way that this one did has lost its fear of humans. That cat would be a danger to human life in the future.

    Perhaps you're unaware of the danger that mountain lions are posing to people in southern California these days. Joggers and bikers have been attacked repeatedly. The cause is loss of habitat, and it's sad that shooting the cats ends up being the only answer, but there it is.

    In the case of the animals in Ohio, the police there also did everything that they could do. Jack Hanna was brought in to help, even. As he pointed out in an interview a couple of months ago, the police aren't often equiped with tranquilizer darts, and they faced a need to act quickly to contain the situation. In addition, since those animals had been kept by humans, they would be unable to return to the wild.

    I'll have you know that I love cats. I've rescued several abandoned housecats over the years, and I live with a Tonkinese who thinks he's a puma. I'm a member of the local large cat sanctuary that works to save animals like the ones in Ohio, when that can be done.

    As you perhaps can tell, you've pissed me off here. Your smug and self righteous attitude about anyone who uses a gun to save a human life shows your ignorance in this and many other matters.