Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gun Crime is Up in St. Louis

CBS St. Louis reports

The latest crime report for July shows assaults with a weapon are up more than 14 percent from a year ago, underscoring what Chief Dan Isom says is a problem of more guns on the street.

“Many people have talked about the gun show loophole, which allows people to buy guns and basically there’s absolutely no background check,” Isom said, “So, just the way the laws are structured today, there is a proliferation of guns in our community.”

Isom says police chiefs from around the country are complaining about lax gun laws, and Mayor Francis Slay, a member of the police board, says gun proliferation was also a hot topic at the recent U.S. Conference of Mayors.
It often seem like everyone is in agreement about gun availability except the fringe-lunatics who blindly support gun-rights above all else.

Gun availability is a major factor in crime.  Why is that so difficult for some people to understand?

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  1. "Everyone" is another one of those words that you use in a strange manner. A handful of control-freak mayors and their lickspittle chiefs of police agree with you. A few celebrities--armed or benefiting from armed guards themselves--agree with you. One or two histrionic members of Congress do as well. That's about it.

    Otherwise, your side would be winning. Funny how allowing people to vote works. You sure you're not thinking about may-issue for voting rights as well?

  2. "Gun availability is a major factor in crime"

    I know, huh? That place is horrible, with all that gun crime running rampant. Oh, what's this? Homicide is DOWN 11.4%. How can that be with all those guns running loose on the streets?

    Well, this is interesting. Robbery is DOWN 12.2%. That just doesn't make sense. All that gun availability must have run out on just the aggravated assaulters.

    I wonder if the homeowners are tooling up, because Burglary is DOWN 32.0%

    Interesting. Half of their Part I crime categories is down and the other half is up, but the half that's up is because firearms, even though that half includes vehicle theft, arson and rape, three categories that don't typically involve firearms.