Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Soaring Cost of the Aurora Shooting reports

Police spent nearly 26 percent of the year's law enforcement budget for overtime pay in responding to the July 20 mass shooting in a movie theater.

The city so far has spent $462,600 on overtime costs for police officers and civilian employees following the midnight movie killings at the Century Aurora 16 theater and has applied for a federal grant to help cover the costs. The costs include investigators and responders on the morning of the shooting, security at a large vigil held later and protection for visiting dignitaries.
The article goes on to explain that police overtime, which all happens AFTER the shooting is over is just the tip of the iceberg. The lawyers get into the act too.

CU has agreed to pay $505 an hour for a single lawyer to review what officials there knew about Holmes and when they knew it. As that lawyer brings in associates and paralegals from his firm, Perkins Coie, they will be billed to the university at $245 an hour or more and $205 an hour, respectively, according to an agreement signed July 30.
Sadly, we're still talking about a small fraction of the cost. Some of the victims had inadequate or no medical coverage. These costs must be added to the toll.

Wouldn't an ounce of prevention be worth a pound of cure in this case? Isn't this a good argument for proper gun control which would prevent some of these major incidents?

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  1. Don't you mean, "proper gun control which would prevent none of these rare incidents"?

  2. I agree 100% that PROPER gun control would have prevented this. IF he had been reported to the PROPER state officials instead of just the campus police.
    IF his instructor and psychiatrist had taken his paper seriously when this madman laid out what he intended to do as is being reported AFTER the fact.
    IF is friends and/or acquaintances had reported his change in behavior since that has been also reported to the news and police AFTER the fact.
    If other patrons were not disarmed allowing him to have an unfettered shooting gallery, this is apparent since his total cooperation with the police and expressing the desire not to be hurt himself.
    If the theaters and other places that wish to disarm you have security like those at the airports.
    If the doors that don't allow entrance from the outside were locked and exit only provision with an alarm.

    He KNEW that he could commit this rampage unopposed in this theater.
    He KNEW that the police wouldn't shoot him if he gave up without resistance.
    He KNEW that the police would enter his apartment and set explosives that would maim and kill.
    And he THOUGHT he KNEW that his paper that he wrote and turned in should have been enough to stop him before he got this far.
    Some KNEW that this guy was going to do something but not enough reporting was done and not done to the proper authorities.

    Once again, all the gun control that has been presented anywhere, anytime would not have stopped this guy at all.
    Once again it is a perfect example how the police cant be "Johnny on the spot" for any crime committed.
    Once again it is an example of how ignorant people are by assuming that someone else will take care of it dont get involved.

    And most importantly, HOLMES and NO GUN signs is the reason I dont go anywhere my gun is not allowed!

  3. I should add the PROPER gun control is every able bodied citizen over the age of 21, NOT convicted of a violent crime should be armed with a weapon that each one can control. Not restricting people from them, not restricting ammo.

    Not allowing No Guns signs in public access places without proper protective airport style security. Just for starters!

    There is absolutely NO WAY to rid this country, or the world for that matter, from guns or access to them, period! If someone does not wish to have one, fine. Nobody else should have to pay ONE RED CENT for the inaction of self defense of that person if said person is hurt or killed because they wish to remain passive.

    Lock up killers using guns or put them to death (preferably) when they purposely use a gun to commit any crime.

    Gun control is practice, hit your target as many times as you can without missing. PRACTICE! And use both hands as much as possible.


  4. Hey Mike,

    I haven't been on this blog poking holes in your gun control fantasies for a long while. As long as you continue spread your uneducated biases on what "proper" gun control should be I will continue to support my fellow Americans who sell those guns, build those guns, operate gun ranges, and people who chose to own a gun. I also thought I would post a link to this news article about a town in Georgia that I think you and every one of your followers should read. Copy and paste that in your web browser.

    Proud Gun Owner

    1. Yeah, Kennesaw GA is perfectly representative of US cities.

    2. No, Mikeb, large cities typically are mismanaged by power-hungry idiots, and those cities often have strict gun control--but I repeat myself.