Thursday, August 16, 2012

Obama is Sincere - Romney is Not


  1. Obama is a politician; Romney is a politician. How do I know that they're lying? Their lips are moving.

  2. In 2008, a young Democrat came to my door to ask that I vote Democrat. I had to tell her my take on politicians.

    A politician is someone who asks me to give them power not just over me, but also over my children and grand children. Power over my children? THAT puts them right down there with child molesters. Some MAY rise above that, but I never count on that happening. Scum, every one of them.

    Her jaw was on my porch well before I was finished.

  3. Yes sir, Obama is sincere. He sincerely wants to bankrupt this country. His tax plan ups my taxes 40% more. His plan restricts my land use. He continues attempts to racially divide this country. Biden is just his token white boy that he struts around just to show everyone how stupid white people are.

    And thats just for a starter example!

    I dont know about Romney, but Obama has proved his sincerity. Its time to let someone else prove different.