Friday, August 17, 2012

Obese Virginia Gun Owners Demand Their Rights


  1. Who was obese? You really should not oppose open carry, though. Since you're unable to tell who has a gun on him (refer to your earlier post about travelling through America if you've forgotten), here's a way for you to spot the gun toter.

    But control freaks do always get upset when the public asserts its rights.

  2. it's great that some people like mikeb put forth some effort to bring americans to their senses. it will happen someday and the nra will be sorry they didn't try to help because the controls will be tighter the longer it takes...
    go! mikeb!
    we need 300,000,000 americans like you......
    tom webber

    1. Webber, you all all Americans to be on your side? Do you suffer from any other delusions? Americans love freedom. As long as that's the case, gun control will fail.

  3. I'm still waiting for a clarification about who was obese in this video. I'd also like to know your general position on people who are overweight. You never attack a heavy person who is saying something that you like.