Thursday, August 9, 2012

Is Open Carry Coming to Florida?

No one with any sense wants open carry except the fanatical gun-rights guys. It's their way of saying "fuck you" to everyone else.

What's your opinion?


  1. One of the main reasons in favor of allowing open carry is that if some guy's shirt flaps up and exposes his weapon, he doesn't have to get charged with brandishing. Another is that it appears to annoy sheriffs. (Two guns on each hip--what's that sheriff thinking?)

    But if your side insists on seeing it as a "fuck you," I have no problem with that, either. Your side's never had any qualms about saying that.

    1. You said it yourself, Greg. "Another is that it appears to annoy sheriffs."

      Now, that's a very mature motivation, isn't it?

    2. You have a lot of room to talk, Mikeb. You think that my memory's short?

  2. Ironically, Florida didn't have a law prohibiting open carry until their landmark, shall issue concealed carry law came about.

    I grew up in South Florida and it was not an uncommon sight to see people with holstered guns at the 7-11 gassing up their bass boats on a Saturday morning. Even as late as the very early '80's, going 15 miles inland you left the beaches and there was nothing but swamps, lakes and massively large palmetto covered cattle ranches measured in the 100's of acres. Not so much like that these days I understand.

  3. "No one with any sense wants openly voice their opinion except the fanatical free speech guys. "

    There, that's better. But I guess some people think that some rights are more important than others.

  4. I'll join in, FUCK YOU!!!! Mikey!!!!

  5. Open carry is allowed in many states in one form or another. Oklahoma just joined open carry with a license effective in November. Texas Is likely next year. Some states allow open carry without a license but to conceal carry requires a license. Texas open carry on private property and at a business that you control, business policy determines who carries or not and how for employees.

    Open carry is not at all uncommon.

  6. "No one with any sense wants open carry..."
    Mike, you and others on this blog claim to be in favor of common sense gun laws. As no one with any sense wants open carry, are you therefore in favor of concealed carry?


  7. Open carry can make sense sometimes. It can certainly be a tactical advantage at times and a tactical disadvantage at other times. I usually prefer concealed carry.

    The most important application for open carry is if you unintentionally expose your concealed firearm.