Saturday, August 11, 2012

Who Should Have Their Guns Removed?

Local news reports

Sheriff’s Sgt. Todd Stallbaumer said a man was removing an item from underneath a bed when a loaded shotgun that also was beneath the bed accidentally discharged.

Stallbaumer said the gun’s trigger guard, which wasn’t installed properly, “caught on something,” causing the shotgun to fire.

The man’s fingers were severely injured when struck by shotgun pellets that went through a case that was housing the firearm.
Over on TTAG, they didn't like my suggestion that about half of the legitimate gun owners are unfit. Naturally, they take something like that personally, or half of them do anyway.

My Official Goal is not so much a statement of my wanting to take guns away from folks as it is that I'd like to raise the bar as to who qualifies to own them.

The one strike you're out rule would take care of it.

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  1. Except that now, you're telling less of a lie. Remember what you said about a tribunal to decide whether a person gets to own a gun or not? When you stop thinking that we're stupid, you'll have moved a step closer toward your goal. (A thousand mile journey, and all, but still...)