Wednesday, August 8, 2012

US Athletes Not Wearing the Flag

Forget for a moment that wearing the image of the American flag violates flag code. (From section 176: Respect for the flag: "d) The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery." You're welcome.) Let's look at some of the things where America is at the top of the list.
1) Obesity
2) Divorces
3) Prisoners
4) Defense spending
5) School shootings
6) Child abuse
7) Gun violence
8) Student loan debt
9) Pornography
10) Fast food sales
Do you think some US athletes are reluctant to wear the flag in patriotic celebration? It is the traditional thing to do.

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  1. We do not lead the world in School Shootings, Child Abuse or even gun violence.

  2. Yet another inane set of claims without support. Let's note that in Europe, more and more people are simply not getting married. They live together, or they associate with each other, but they don't get the sanction of church and state. Thus, there's no need for divorce. But who cares? The same with pornography. Who cares? Of course, since Europeans have a much more relaxed attitude about sex, depictions of the sex act aren't hidden from public view, so really, I doubt that we are seeing more than they are.

    As FatWhiteMan pointed out, other countries lead by far in gun deaths and in homicide rates. South Africa, for example. Why is it that you control freaks refuse to address that country?

  3. I watched the Olympic coverage last night for a few hours. There were more US flags than you could shake a stick at. I didn't see anyone refuse to adorn themselves with it after winning a medal.

    1. Myeh, we send a robot explorer to Mars, and the Olympics gets the bulk of the coverage. There's an example of skewed priorities.