Sunday, August 5, 2012

Accidental Shooting of VA Man at Gun Range by Himself - No Charges

Local news reports

A man accidentally shot himself in the finger at the shooting range of Superior Pawn in Virginia Beach Saturday afternoon.

A spokeswoman for Virginia Beach police told that a man in his 50s was on the gun range when he accidentally shot the tip of his finger.
It is my opinion that a man who does that should lose his right to own guns.

Does that sound too harsh?  Why?

The gun-rights activists are continually telling us we cannot take people's rights away because of what they might do in the future,  They refuse to consider mental health screening for fear that it'll be abused and unfairly restrict responsible people.  But how can they justify continuing to allow people who have proven themselves to be negligent to own guns?

It's wrong. Where guns are concerned, it should be one strike you're out.

What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.


  1. We know that to you, this falls under those "reasonable restrictions" as hinted at in the Heller decision. What we have yet to hear is what is within the right identified by the Second Amendment. (I'm asking Mikeb, here, Laci.) In other words, what gun owner and what activity with a gun is safe from your desire to take guns away?

  2. take this guy's guns away and probably greg's too-he doesn't quite stable, and especially prick cheney's!tom webber

    1. Tom Webber, fortunately, we live in a society that values individual rights. We don't convict people or take away those rights merely because someone suspects them of something. (Or we shouldn't. This war on terror nonsense is putting all of our rights at risk.)

  3. Cut yourself with a knife accidentally, remove his knives. Paper cut, remove paper. Stick yourself with a needle, remove needles. Car accident by yourself, remove car and license.

    The list can go on with any self inflicted injurys and some will be fatal. To apply the standard with the gun alone wont work without applying the same standard to anything that can cause injury or death by accident.