Friday, August 10, 2012

Survey Questions - General and Specific

via Media Matters

Today's survey asked both the general question of whether voters in the swing states of Colorado, Wisconsin, and Virginia want gun laws to be more strict, less strict, or kept the same; AND the specific question of whether those voters support a ban on high-capacity magazines, which have been used in several recent mass shootings.

The results show that while Americans may not support stricter gun laws in theory, they do support them in practice, with significantly higher percentages of respondents supporting an actual stricter gun law (the hi-cap magazine ban) than supporting "more strict" laws in general:
  • 38 percent of likely Colorado voters say they want stricter gun laws, but 58 percent support a ban on high-capacity magazines, a 20-point gap.
  • 44 percent of likely Virginia voters say they want stricter gun laws, but 52 percent support the ban, and 8-point gap.
  • 43 percent of likely Wisconsin voters say they want stricter gun laws, but 57 percent support the ban, a 14-point gap.


  1. Cherry pick much?

    "Regardless of changes in the law, voters in the three states don’t think future mass shootings can be stopped by laws. Two-thirds of likely voters in Colorado, 60 percent in the Old Dominion and 57 percent in Wisconsin don’t think stricter laws can stop future attacks."

  2. Fortunately, in the nature of politics, this will get spun by both sides, and the gun rights side does a better job. Keep wishing, Mikeb. Someday, Tinkerbell may come visit you.