Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jesse Jackson on the Gun Violence in Chicago

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Why do the pro-gun folks try so hard to leave out the gun-availability factor? No one on our side is trying to say it's only the guns, as Jesse made clear.  Why do they try to ignore the obvious?

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  1. You have yet to show ONE gun law that has reduced crime. I've shown you more guns reduce crime using FBI and BJS so why can't you do the same? So till then yes we can blame the gun laws we can at least back up our claims, you can not.

  2. Fuck jesse jackson

  3. Because there are wide swaths of the country with what I consider to be good gun laws and low rates of homicide. Why do guns have to travel to Chicago to do evil? Why can't they stay home and kill?

    I've shown you many times that the strictness of gun control laws doesn't correlate with rates of homicide. Population density does correlate. Why won't you admit these things?

  4. Jesse, the ultimate sinecure who speaks endlessly without saying anything.

    orlin sellers

  5. Poverty peddler ... 'nuff said.