Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Gun for Everyone

via Orlin Sellers who especially liked the "except for government" part.


  1. Some of the stupidity demonstrated by orlon dryer lint for brains is that most of the mass shootings DON'T occur in gun free zones, they occur in zones where people are armed - like the Oregon mall shooting or the shopping mall where Gabby Giffors was shot.

    Having guns around doesn't deter anyone from shooting people, nor does it do diddly squat to stop them when they do happen. It is the "I can shoot better than the cops, I'm a superhero!" gun fantasy. Not even the most remote connection to reality in it.

    This guy in the video looks like another nut job, not someone anyone would want to see actually having a gun.

    Where Wayne La pew is going to go so badly wrong is that no one is going to see his suggestion as a cost-effective solution to school shootings nor is there any evidence anywhere that more guns equal more safety. It is the gun nuts that are the problem, not the solution.

    The gun culture is a massive, epic fail, an the gun nuts are failures, losers, the bad guys they rant and rail about.

    1. Sen. Boxer proposes deploying National Guard at schools
      WASHINGTON — Federal funds would be made available to deploy National Guard troops at schools under legislation introduced Wednesday by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) in response to last week’s mass slaying at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn.

      The Save Our Schools Act would leave it to governors to decide whether to call out the National Guard and how to use troops around schools.

      "Is it not part of the national defense to make sure that your children are safe?" Boxer said at Capitol Hill press conference.

      My dearest DG, maybe you can write a wordy wordiness letter to your comrade-in-arms Boxer and straighten out her wrong-headedness that protectors and defenders of children in schools is stoopid.

      your friend
      orlin sellers

    2. Dog Gone, your idiocy knows no bounds. You trust teachers to take care of children, but not to defend them.

      What you still haven't explained is how you figured that a gun would protect you. For all your boasting and pontificating, you're nothing but a hypocrite.

    3. Remember Greg,

      Rules don't apply to rulers (or in this case, ruler wannabees).

      It is an exercise in futility to argue with those who believe that they are "above" logic. Treat them with their due contempt.

    4. That being said,

      From a safety standpoint, it doesn't exactly seem prudent to keep firearms on teachers who may be overpowered by large numbers of criminal youth. Stationing armed guards to protect public schools is one thing, but equipping a lone teacher in a classroom teeming with inner city highschoolers with a firearm presents the risk that such a weapon may be taken from the instructor and used to commit unsurprisingly horrific acts.

    5. And in your genius idea, Ian, how many armed guards would it take to secure one pretty big school, and what kind of equipment would they need?

      Multiply that my ALL the schools and tell us how practical it is.

    6. A more practical idea is to allow teachers to get trained and carry their own guns.

    7. And Mikeb, you want to multiply by all the schools, but you object when I talk about the number of guns in this country already. Why is it that numbers only matter to you when you see them as supporting your narrative?

    8. Actually Dog Gone, Most since 1990 has occured in a no gun zone, whether in a school, having become federal gun free zones in 1990 or fort hood, where armed individuals are typically only at gates or at specific locations requiring armed guards, or in CA or NY where it is extremely difficult to obtain a firearm legally let alone a concealed permit. You mention oregon, and it interesting to note there is evidence that the shooter was confronted by a law abiding CCW holder and then chose to run away and kill himself, which is an increasingly common response. When confronted with armed resistance the mass shooters rarely continue and most often take their own lives, or are killed by armed responders, be they civillian or law enforcement. Mike Z


    orlin sellers