Monday, December 24, 2012

Should Piers Morgan be Deported?

The Hollywood Reporter
Thousands of gun rights supporters are petitioning the Obama administration to consider deporting CNN’s Piers Morgan, arguing the gun control proponent is using his position as a TV news host to wage war on the Second Amendment.

“British Citizen and CNN television host Piers Morgan is engaged in a hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment,” reads the petition. “We demand that Mr. Morgan be deported immediately for his effort to undermine the Bill of Rights and for exploiting his position as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens.”
If they had any idea how foolish they are, they'd just keep their crazy ideas to themselves. What this shows is the very-common response on the part of pro-gun folks to disagreement.  They try to silence the offending voice in one way or another. 

I actually didn't hear Piers Morgan call for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment.  I thought his whole thing was about the assault weapons.  But it doesn't matter to the biased and paranoid gun-rights fanatics.

We're going to see a lot more of these bizarre reactions from them.  The tide has turned and they don't like it one bit.

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  1. Where oh where are the Greg Campy's and the Orlon fluff for brains that were so worried about people being oppressed for their thoughts?

    Where oh where are our little minded gun hypocrites defending the 1st amendment speech?

    Because of course the 1st Amendment does not protect people from criticism by other people or organizations; it only protects people from government retaliation for their speech.

    That would be like this, where the little minded foggy thinkers who need their fetish guns try to get Piers Morgan deported - a government action.

    What a bunch of spineless whiny-babies who are terrified of this man's mind and ability to communicate, but can't come up with a pretext to shoot him to shut him up, so they try to deport him as their Plan B (and we know how useless and importent conservative plan B's are).

    GOP = hypocrites
    Gun nuts = hypocrites, AND epic failure of the gun culture

    1. Do you speak in anything other than buzzwords? I respect E.N. or MikeB for bothering to put in some analysis even if I disagree with them, but everything your posting is like the bastard child of the Huffington Post and Occupy Wall street tumblr accounts. There's not even a hint of real thought put into this...

    2. Jack, you summed her up in three sentences. I love it.

    3. Mikeb, I want you to note the kind of people that are on your side. Dog Gone comes here shooting her mouth off and can't even be bothered with returning to carry on the conversation, much less apologize for her false statements. I'm not surprised.

    4. "What a bunch of spineless whiny-babies who are terrified of this man's mind and ability to communicate, but can't come up with a pretext to shoot him to shut him up, so they try to deport him as their Plan B.....

      The mans mind, you mean the mind of Piers Morgan who produced this little sack of lies......

      Editor sacked over 'hoax' photos

      BBC News, Friday, 14 May, 2004

      The Mirror board said Morgan would be stepping down immediately

      Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan has been sacked after the newspaper conceded photos of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi were fake.

      He is a pompous lying sack of limey crap.

      You are getting your panties in a knot because the petition to deport him is garnering 1000 times more signatures than this retarded little screed....

      require mandatory liability insurance be carried by every gun owner for every firearm they own, lease, or use.

    5. Silence the ones who disagree.

      "He is a pompous lying sack of limey crap."

      Now, that's an intelligent observation.

    6. Let's see now, which side is known for silencing people who disagree? Mikeb, you're the exception in gun control circles. Most of your fellow advocates don't allow the opposition to express their opinions.

      And take out the "limey" bit, and Thomas was describing Dog Gone.

  2. Should he be deported for expressing his views? Hell no. But the great thing about freedom of speech is the freedom not to listen.

    I see no difference between the emotional reaction from gun owners to Morgan's verbal assault on arms and the gun control freaks emotional response to a school shooting.

    I'd like to hear the one from Penima's Plan B.

    orlin sellers

  3. dog gone echoes my thoughts...screaming about defending the sacred deliberate misinterpretation of their 2nd amendment constitutional rights while selectively ignoring the the correct interpretation of entire the 1st Amendment because they are the good guys and well, you just don't wanna make good guys mad. anyway, we pretty much dealt with this in the courts with John Lennon in the 70's when the Nixon administration tried to deport him. Morgan does have a work permit and if it was just this simple to deal with someone you don't like because you think he interprets the constitution differently, why can't we do this with the entire Congress because I think the entire Homeland Security Act just plain sucks!

  4. Dog Gone and Mike,

    I saw this petition publicized on a couple of gun blogs yesterday, and then quickly shot down by pro-gun commenters. Basically, this was a smart assed reaction by people irritated by Morgan's attempts to win arguments by interrupting, yelling, and insulting people like Larry Pratt.

    Nobody on our side cared for his behavior. He was over the top. As much as I disagree with Dan Gross, he debates in a more rational manner.

    However, when this petition came out, a bunch of folks on the "gun nut" side pointed out the same thing Dog Gone pointed out about government action. Others went so far as to note that any action on the petition would be a prohibited "Bill of Attainder."

    We're not a monolithic block on this side, and we don't all want Pierce Morgan deported. And many if not Most of us DO care about all other rights in addition to the 2nd Amendment.

    1. Yep. He, of course, should not be deported. Now, I'm not so sure he should continue in his current position considering he has display exactly zero journalistic integrity and intellectual honest. But that is for CNN to deal with.

    2. I agree that the petition signers are not representative of gun-rights activists. But it does go to show that among you guys you've got all kinds of maniacs, some hypocritically sign petitions like this and some misuse their guns.

      FL, I don't know if he was that bad. John Lott got his licks in too.

    3. Mikeb, can we expect to see Dog Gone come around to apologize for her snide and entirely inaccurate comments about me? Surely you will admit that I've expressed my support for the right of free expression on many occasions.

    4. He was that bad. He says US has 10k gun murders and UK 35 (or something like that). What does that imply? That the US is 285 time more murderous.

      He doesn't give murder RATES and the UK is 5 times smaller than US. He doesn't let anyone show how murder in other forms is higher in the UK bringing the over all murder rate in the US to only 4 times higher than in the UK.

      A murder rate that is 4 times higher is still pretty damning - so use that.

      Lott did not get to state his piece - which is that the rates in the UK have risen during the same period in which they have fallen in the US.

      No, I am sorry. He is EXACTLY that bad.

      (For the record, I don't like O-Reilly much when he pulls the same type of crap.) Let the other make their points and THEN debate them on the facts.

    5. "A murder rate that is 4 times higher is still pretty damning - so use that."

      I agree and I do.

  5. Dog Gone, this is the first that I've heard of it. It is the holidays, and I've been busy. I also don't waste a lot of time on the White House petition site.

    Morgan is a pompous tosser, but he's free to say whatever he likes. He's being a bad guest of this country by trying to take away the rights of its citizens. I'll leave that to Zeus. The beauty and the irony of our system is that a person is free to exercise one right to advocate infringing on another, whether the person is a citizen or a guest. That's freedom for you. Freedom-hating people should feel guilty for doing this, but you don't feel shame for your actions.

    To Smallpoint, Lennon was a bad musician and a wacko, but I'd have supported his right to speak too, had I been politically active at the time.

    1. Greg, I take umbrage at your Lennon remark. Lennon was first and foremost a songwriter/artist. His musical ability needed to be at a level consistent with his songwriting ability. It certainly was that. His growth and creativeness as writer and artist is on record for all to hear, from "Meet the Beatles" to the "White Album".

      As far as being a wacko, I don't know. Did he do some stupid and foolish stuff? Yes, almost everyone has in their youth. Was a bed-in for peace and to end the Vietnam War wacky or creative?
      Was he consistent in promoting the idea of peace? I say, yes.
      There is nothing wrong with not being a fan of his and thinking he is nutty, but I think you need to look at him in his totality. Regardless, he has left an enduring legacy behind, one that will survive generations.

      That is my opinion that I wanted to share with you.

      orlin sellers

    2. I hold the Beatles responsible for pop music. Michael Jackson and Brittney Spears are their descendents. But America is the land of choice, and I'd never call to ban or restrict any kind of music.

    3. Greg, you say pop music like it's a bad thing. They were a commercial success, like McDonald's. They were great for the economy, keeping record companies and record buyers busy, guitar and drum manufacturers buzzing, clothing sales and styles creating jobs, rejuvenating the live music scene which helped bars, clubs, halls, concert venues, etc. Remember, the country was in a funk after the assassination of JFK. Even if you don't like their music, you should appreciate what they did for the economy and lifting the spirit of the country overall.

      Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and all the 2nd amendment and individual rights defenders and protectors.

      orlin sellers

    4. And Io Saturnalia to you, Orlin.

    5. Blaming Lennon for Brittney Spears, is like blaming the gun, not the nut job killer.

  6. Frankly, this is disturbing. As a gun proponent, I'm disturbed to hear this.


    I get it, they're trying to spite Piers Morgan. It's not very clever and is frankly kind of dumb. Piers Morgan was insufferable even before he got a TV show, and he's infamous in Britain for being the face of low-brow journalism (the British Leveson Inquiry Report names him doing unscrupulous and unethical things more times than I'm willing to count), but he still has a right to free speech. I'm even glad he has more maneuvering room to be a jackass in this country than he does in Britain, to be honest, because it's indicative that the First Amendment is working. Being saturated with controversy is part of being in a free society; so is being willing to accept risk and personal responsibility. Frankly, if people want to shut Piers Morgan up, don't watch his show. I've heard his ratings were low (I'll be frank and say I could be really wrong, I simply don't care enough to investigate); so don't increase his ratings just so you can watch him say anti-gun things and throw a hissy-fit.

  7. Well we ruined and banished the Dixie Chicks for their comments on foreign soil, so why not Morgan?

  8. I just saw this pop up. apparently this petition is still up and running, and people are still signing it. Up to 109,334, so far.

    If I lived in Chicago, I could vote a couple more times.....