Thursday, January 3, 2013

30-Round Magazine Prices Skyrocket

via TTAG
That would be a 30 round magazine with an asking price of $99.97. Standard asking price of a metal 30 round magazine before the insanity began? Less than $20.

You know what's funny. These are gun owners screwing other gun owners by taking advantage of the situation.

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  1. "You know what's funny. These are gun owners screwing other gun owners by taking advantage of the situation."

    And we are going to screw them when they are ordered to hand them in, under threat of decades behind bars. All that money will go to the scrap heap. Your guns will follow.

    1. Are you honestly convinced America will turn into North Korea overnight? Please, tell ordinary Americans (not even the pro-gun ones) they should have no civil liberties. See how they respond.

    2. Jack, making a specific thing like the big magazines illegal and even in the extreme case of door to door confiscations is not equal to "no civil liberties."

    3. Mike,

      I think that Jack's comment was taking the WHOLE of E.N.'s comments on here. Some of his greatest hits: Citizens are merely property of the state; we should worship the state because it is our maker, etc. etc. The extreme statements that make me think he's just a troll, but that Jack was taking as potentially being his seriously held beliefs.

      As for door to door confiscations, those would be a violation of the 2nd and 5th Amendments, and probably the 4th unless they were really careful about it. It would also be an intolerable action by the government and would lead to a horrifying, bloody civil war.

    4. You should make your treasonous anti-State remarks with caution. Next time you advocate the killing of Federal Agents in a civil war, consider the deterrents that society implements in the hope that sociopaths like yourself will think twice.

      Charges of Treason can procure the full penalty of law.

    5. Dear Blackcap,

      You should make your treasonous anti-individualism/freedom remarks with caution. Next time you advocate the arresting of citizens in a police action, consider the deterrents that society implements in the hope that socialists/marxists like yourself will think twice.

      So you giant ballsack, why don't you sign up to be the first thru the door to collect all those scarry guns, or does that make you wet your panties you collectivist fuckwit....

    6. Dear Blackcap,

      There are 800,000 law enforcement officers in America.

      The FBI did five million NICS checks for people buying firearms in America — in November and December 2012 alone.

      That’s over six guns per cop in the last two months.

      Confiscation? You better start negotiation.

      And Oh yeah,
      Fuck you.

    7. Thomas,

      Don't waste your breath on E.N./Black Cap. Proverbs 29:9 "If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet."

  2. As Father Guido Sarducci taught us, "It's a supply and a demand."

    Every magazine in stores has been bought, and there are no more in the supply line at the moment, so for those who have the magazines and are willing to sell them, it's a seller's market.

    Is there some gouging? Yes. But there are other considerations--if I am going to let go of my own magazine today, how much will I need to pay to replace it tomorrow or in 6 months--will I even be able to. If I'm a store owner and have them in stock, I don't know when I'll be able to get more, so I have to make enough of a margin on these to be able to keep the lights on til I get resupplied. This is painful on the wallet but a simple matter of economics and business planning.

    What you should be noting about this is the sheer volume of these things that have moved. Also, think about the buyer of these. There is only two things that could motivate such a purchase: One is that they are speculating, hoping to make a profit as prices go higher. The other, which I've been hearing in stores, is that they only have 1 or 2 magazines for their AR and they are trying to get up to an "operational" compliment of 5-10. These are "cold dead hands" types who didn't have as much stuff as they wanted, and they're buying these from "cold dead hands" types who had extra stuff for just such an occasion.

    The government would do well to take notice of this and not antagonize these people any more. Prices will fall, and buying habits will return to normal.

    1. well said...No one is forcing anyone to pay these prices...If you don't want to pay $100 bucks for a mag don't buy it..

    2. Agreed.
      I would think Mikeb might try to find a silver lining here, like the fact that, low-level armed robbers and the poor, mentally ill would not be able to afford those high prices and would be prevented from committing mass murder. But, he certainly took a different direction, didn't he?

      orlin sellers

  3. The government investigates price gouging on food and gasoline when there's a hurricane or snow storm. Perhaps you leftists should push for government intervention here--price ceilings for magazines, ammunition, and the like.