Thursday, January 3, 2013

Another Mass Shooting in Switzerland.

Yes, the Swiss do have gun crime. There was the 27 Sep 2001 Mass shooting in the Zug Parliament.

Today, Five people were shot in the village of Daillon in Valais canton with three deaths.

This will call into question Switzerland's relatively liberal gun laws (by European Standards).

More on this incident here.Here is a list of some of the most serious violent crimes involving firearms in Switzerland from this story:

24th May 2011: In Schafhausen BE the 35-year-old Swiss tenants shoots in eviction from housing a 39-year-old policeman with his army pistol. Another policeman he injured his arm. The offender was released on medical grounds from the army, but was not properly disarmed.

8th September 2010: The 67-year-old Hans Peter Bieler Kneubühl resisting the eviction of his house and barricaded himself inside. When police anrückt, he shoots at a policeman and seriously wounded him. The pensioner has a whole arsenal of weapons but no firearms license.

30th April 2006: The former skier Corinne Rey-Bellet and her younger brother Alain in Les Crosets VS from estranged husband shot himself with his service pistol. Then the offender commits suicide.

29th March 2004: A 43-year-old farmer in Escholzmatt LU shoots his wife, his brother, his wife and the social director. Then he directed himself Tathintergrund were family problems.

27th September 2001: The 57-year-old Friedrich Leibacher shoots out of anger at the authorities in the Zug cantonal parliament 14 people with an assault rifle and a pump action shotgun, then he shoots himself

Second April 1993: A 54-year-old employee of the Berne Bedag computer science at work runs amok and shoots two people before killing himself. Apparently he had family problems and difficulties at work.

31st August 1990: An engaging in financial difficulties Zurich Bijoutier shoots in a shooting spree in Zurich and Rickenbach TG five people, including his wife and two children. He also wounded four people before killing himself.

16th April 1986: The head of the City of Zurich Building Inspection, Günther Tschanun shoots, after tensions at work in the Zurich building department four colleagues and wounded a fifth. He is sentenced to 20 years in prison.


  1. WOW! Pooch, Switzerland is a regular "Killing Field" with its lax gun laws. Maybe they should model themselves after the anti-gun Paradise known as Chicago.
    Aye Yi Yi !!!

    orlin sellers

  2. Hey Orlin how many people live in Switzerland? I bet you were one of the a-holes claiming Iraq wasn't dangerous for Soldiers and Marines because of Chicago.

  3. HUH?!!!!!!!!!!?
    Iraq was never dangerous to soldiers and Marines until they bombed the shit out of the country, invaded and occupied a country that had done us no harm.
    Gee, I wonder what would happen if the Chinese did that to the US. Do you think it might be dangerous for those poor Chinese soldiers?

    orlin sellers

    1. HUH??!?!?!?!?

      Look out everyone orlin's got a gun! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

      He's standing his ground against the Chi-Coms!!!!

      Duck he's got terrible aim!!!

  4. Switzerland has lax gun laws? That's the perspective of a control freak. Look at the Czech Republic for good gun laws in Europe.

    Clearly, we need hammer and club control laws more than gun control laws.

    orlin sellers