Sunday, December 30, 2012

How Many Pro-Gun Folks Have Changed Their Position?

ABC via Baldr



  1. Frank James gives up his guns? Anyone else see the irony? I wonder how long his employee will be pleased when she loses her job thanks to decline in sales.

    But in answer to your title question, one.

  2. Mikeb will be disturbed to learn that lots of people who have never owned guns or had them in their homes are going out to get them. I personally know two people who are signing up for training and then purchasing firearms..

    Even more significant, people who previously hated the idea of "guns in schools" now want armed people at schools.

    The antis may have a lot of thunder with the media and certain members of the U.S. House and Senate, but everyday people are recognizing the unique perspective on security that coincides with being armed and acting accordingly.

    1. I think the tide is turning against you, but time will tell. What about the 100,000 who are injured or killed each year, do you think their friends and relatives turn towards more guns or toward more gun control? I think most of them turn towards more gun control. And every mass shooting has the same effect. All this more than compensates for your two friends and all the others like them.