Friday, January 4, 2013

Accidental Shooting of Acting Police Chief by Herself

The Fayetteville Observer

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office was not notified that interim Fayetteville Police Chief Katherine Bryant had shot herself in the hand until a day after the Dec. 26 incident, a sheriff's spokeswoman said Thursday.

Bryant was treated at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. Under state law, the hospital is required to report every case involving a shooting to the convening police or sheriff's authority.

That didn't happen, said Debbie Tanna, the sheriff's spokeswoman. Instead, Tanna said, Bryant reported the shooting herself more than 24 hours later. Tanna said a sheriff's investigation determined that hospital officials didn't report the case because another police officer was with Bryant at the hospital, and they thought the officer was making the report.

Police reported earlier that Bryant was putting an older-model handgun back in storage when it discharged. The bullet struck Bryant on the ring finger of her left hand. The wound required surgery, but Bryant has returned to work.
It's difficult to tell if a real attempt to cover it up took place. But, what's clear is the acting police chief is too irresponsible to be trusted with firearms. Is that too severe?

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  1. This shows us that law enforcement officers are no better or worse than everyone else. That is why responsible law abiding citizens want to be able to defend themselves and have the tools to do that effectively.

  2. Actually, what it shows, most likely, is that (1) many LE officers don't receive enough ongoing training paid for by their various departments and (2) they won't spend their own money to compensate for that deficiency.