Friday, January 4, 2013

More NRA Hypocrisy and Humor

Think Progress

Wayne LaPierre decided to try to divert calls for gun control by blaming decades-old pop culture ephemera like Mortal Combat and American Psycho for recent mass gun killings. And after I hit publish on that post, the Hollywood Reporter pointed out an even more pointed hypocrisy: the NRA may hope that everyone blames media violence for inspiring killings, rather than guns for being the instruments of them, but it’s had multiple exhibits celebrating famous movie weapons at its National Firearms Museum, and apparently has no immediate plans to take the current one down.

Media Matters for America, jumping on the case, grabbed an amazing video of Phil Schreier, the curator of the NRA Museum, talking about the exhibit, which has since been deleted from the NRA’s YouTube feed:

 "wishing that we too could be like our matinee idols." Is that a riot, or what?  When they think no one's lookin', they really let their guard down, don't they?


  1. It's a museum exhibit from several years ago. Your point?

    1. The point it obvious, it's all in the title of the post.

    2. No, it's not obvious. The museum displayed memoribilia from Hollywood movies. So?