Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Background Checks are Dead in Minnesota

Gun Reforms Die; Gun Shows Live On from The UpTake on Vimeo.

I suppose an apology is in order. All my Southern friends who are offended by my frequent references to "hillbillies" and "hicks," are absolutely right. Idiocy knows no geographic boundaries. Just, get a load of these Minnesota characters coming out of the gun show.


  1. Am I correct in assuming that your definition of idiocy in this case is that you dont agree with their views? Or were you just making fun of how they look? Who was it that suggested that a person shouldnt be judged by the color of their skin (appearance), but by the content of their character? It seems possible we have a ways to go on that.

    1. Of course you'd find nothing wrong with what they said, you're loyal to your cause.

      How about the ex-cop who exempts himself from the rules? What about the pretend-extremist who's probably been reading Kurt's site and says there should be no rules at all other than locking people up or not? I forget what was idiotic about the middle guy, but it was there.

  2. 1. How about we mock the Minnesota accent? That sure 'nough sounds funny to me.

    2. Retired police officers are allowed to carry under a different set of rules.

    3. What about the people shown in this video makes them idiots, in your view? They're expressing their opinions. You characterized them, but offered no detailed analysis, but I'm not taking your word for it.

    4. Japete and Dog Gone should get together to have a pity party. I hope they film it. It would be a pleasure ot watch.