Friday, May 10, 2013

California Domestic Triple Murder - Shooter on the Loose

Shane Franklin Miller's Vehicle Found in California Family Slaying Manhunt 

Authorities have discovered the pickup truck of an "extremely dangerous" Northern California man who they say is the prime suspect in the triple homicide of his wife and two daughters. 

Shane Franklin Miller is considered heavily armed and dangerous, according to the Shasta County Sheriff's Office. The 45-year-old is believed to have gunned down his family at their home in rural Shingletown, Calif., about 230 miles northeast of San Francisco on Tuesday. 

"There is a manhunt for him right now. He's a prime suspect. We're not looking for anybody else," Lt. Dave Kent said. "We found several different types of weapons, ammunition in the house, so he may be heavily fortified at this time." 

Police have launched a nationwide manhunt for Miller. 

The bodies of Miller's wife, Sandy, 34, and two daughters, Shelby, 8, and Shasta, 4, were discovered after a call was received from the family's residence just before 8 p.m. It is unclear who placed the call, but authorities said that it came from one of the victims while the shooting was in progress. 

Another gun owner gone berserk. The simpleton response we ALWAYS hear about a California story is how could this happen in California where they have strict gun control.

Well, part of the reason is they don't have strict gun control.  Compared to Arizona and Nevada, perhaps, but not in my book they don't. 

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  1. As a matter of fact, California does have a lot of what you want. In addition, you exaggerate the frequency of events like this. But if you didn't, you'd have no case for gun control.

  2. . . . not in my book they don't.

    And what would you estimate the readership of "[your] book" to be, Mikb ;-)?

  3. You are correct, whenever a crime like this occurs the progun people often say, some a bit snidely how could this happen in a state with such strict gun laws.
    And just a predictably, the people wanting more gun laws uses the argument that there are states next door with lax gun laws. It might be a while before we find out where he got his guns, but considering his last stay in prison included possession of a machine gun, he might have had a few criminal sources.
    I noticed on your wish list of firearms laws you include "may issue" concealed carry permits with the same rules for all states. Keep in mind that giving government discretion can come back and bite you in the ass. What happens when a change in administrations results in this discretion being wielded differently than you'd like?