Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lawrence O'Donnell with Mike Weisser

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  1. I'm not seeing a whole lot of difference in either side's rhetoric. Both are engaging in the old us or them slander. Both sides think that the other is wrong.

  2. 1. So Reid thinks he can get another two votes? That's a slender reed, indeed. Gun control won't pass even so, and it certainly won't pass the House.

    2. This is a culture war, and my side is the side to be on.

    3. Background checks are useless.

    4. There is a connection between demanding checks and records and violating our rights.

    5. This traitor runs a gun shop in Massachusetts. His sales won't change much, since that state already violates the Constitution.

    6. Look traitor, you are not on our side. You are a Quisling. You are a fifth columner.

    7. If you want to reduce gun violence, you should start with the violent criminals who purpetrate most of it. In other words, put violent criminals into prison for a long time.

    8. Traitor, what you're trying to do here won't protect human life. When you compromise rights for security theater, you have no values worth considering.

    9. What the hell is an NRA expert?

    10. If we want to discuss groups that have changed over the years, let's bring up the Democratic Party, too. Which side supported slavery and segregation?