Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jon Stewart on the NRA Convention


  1. On a day when three women escaped from kidnappers after a decade and a couple of weeks after a bombing in Boston and following firefight and lockdown of a city, can't we both agree that there are dangers in this world?

    But Stewart is usually too smart to make inane comments about how we're a democracy. We're a constitutional republic, meaning that we don't submit rights to a vote. We don't hand over absolute power to mob rule.

    At least, we didn't. The day that we do is the day things stop being political and shift to civil war.

  2. Yeah, there are dangers in this world.

    The biggest one is idiots like you with guns.

    Greg, you claim to be intelligent, yet miss Cruz's hypocrisy.

    Then, you make a dumb claim about "civil war".

    Why do you love showing us what a moron you are? DO you love showing off your ignorance?

    Seriously, Greg, what's your problem? This was pretty simple to understand, but you seem clueless by it.

    1. Laci, I realize that you feel yourself obliged to accept any statement made against gun rights, but I don't.

    2. Laci,

      You are, as my Arab friends would say, "Il Kalb Allah."

    3. Pooch: The guy who credited the comic strip character Batman with changing laws is now getting his talking points from Comedy Central. Pitiful.

      orlin sellers