Sunday, May 5, 2013

MSNBC: The Sickness


  1. Will this dude do a piece on the other NRA (National Restaurant Assn) Conference when they meet? He can talk about how they are killing people with Monsanto and Con-Agra poisoned foods.
    Or, how about the next AMA & Big Pharma conference where they discuss giving children Class A narcotics like Ritalin that creates mental disorders that cause children & young adults to flip out and murder or commit suicide. But, he probably won't because that's where his paycheck comes from.

    orlin sellers

  2. Let's see:

    1. Antiques Roadshow

    2. Celebrity speeches

    3. Political victories

    4. More political victories

    Where's the sickness?

    Oh, right, the guy who played PC in those computer commercials goes on to discuss one accidental shooting. Apparently he's no better at calculating odds than any other gun control freaks.

    1. What gets to me is that as much as Chris Hays irritates me with the positions he takes on various things, he usually has more integrity than other characters on MSNBC--credit where credit is due, he's kept his positions on drones and given Obama shit for the policy; one of the few to do that. On other issues, he'll often show an ability to see the complexity of issues (even if taking what I'd see as the wrong side) that others at MSNBC will usually miss (I suspect deliberately more than from stupidity).

      However, on the topic of guns, he's become increasingly irrational and here he oversimplifies as bad as any of the others with his silly little Venn diagram.

    2. One of the many benefits of not bothering with cable--I miss out on these blowhards.

    3. It's useful to watch them in two ways:

      1. You know what the other side is saying and what new arguments they're testing.

      2. It functions as a pressure check for your vascular system--so far, it appears my circulatory system is intact and has no aneurisms hiding in it...

    4. With Twitter and gun blogs, both for and against, I get all of the first item that I need.

  3. Oh No! They make a gun sized for children so that it's safer to teach children to shoot than if you used a full, adult sized gun! How Dark!


  4. Ah yes, a fine example of progressive "tolerance”.

    That Venn diagram (as incorrect as it is) is a great example of what drives gun control. They view gun owners as their political enemies first and foremost.