Tuesday, July 9, 2013

West Virginia Grandma to be Held Accountable for the Death of her Grandson

 The Daily Mail

Harrison County Prosecutor Joe Shaffer said Tuesday he will seek criminal indictment of a Jarvisville woman who shot her 11-year-old grandson to death while firing a weapon in the dark at suspected intruders.

One of the bullets from the .40-caliber handgun pierced the wall of her son's home about 200 yards away, striking William Owens in the chest as he lay in bed.

Shaffer said it was a difficult but necessary decision in a case that could have resulted in injuries to people other than the child. He said he will ask a grand jury to consider charges against 57-year-old Tina Owens when it meets in September.

"It's an important public issue, particularly concerning the responsibility that comes along with exercising your Second Amendment rights," Shaffer said. "I would like 16 Harrison County citizens to consider that."

How much you wanna bet this is bargained down to a near nothing and grandma keeps her precious guns?  That's my bet.


  1. Isn't this exactly what Joe Biden advised people to do?

    1. No, not hardly. As stupid as Biden's advice was, your comment was even stupider. The VP did not recommend firing off rounds INTO THE NEXT DOOR HOUSE to scare people away.

  2. Mikeb, as long as that "near nothing" is a felony, she'll be a prohibited person.

  3. I would certainly hope not. Though I am waiting to see in the news that someone got hurt or killed because they followed the Veep's advice.

  4. I'm surprised they charged her at all. I won't bet against you.

  5. Is this the first person to be held accountable for an accidental gun death? Bizarre, it's an older WOMAN.