Wednesday, July 10, 2013

For the Semper Paratus (Paranoid Lunatic) Crowd

CampCo UZI Tactical Defender Pen

Los Angeles, CA --( CampCo, an official licensee and distributor of UZI gear, is proud to announce that it recently began distribution of the newest models of the UZI Tactical Defender Pen.

The UZI’s attractive, solid design and affordable price have made it one of the best-selling and highest value tactical pens in the personal defense and law enforcement markets for the past five years.

Key Product Specs of both models:
  • Lightweight aircraft aluminum
  • Black and Gun Metal colors.
  • Glass breaker on the tip
  • Compatible with standard and Fisher Space Pen refills
  • Item numbers: UZI-TACPEN7 and UZI-TACPEN8
  • List price: $29.95
According to CampCo CEO Motti Slodowitz, “Tactical pens in general, and the UZI pen in particular, have become very popular in past years due to their unique ability to serve as an inconspicuous self-defense tool and stylish and practical accessory.”


  1. Interesting, but I'm missing the part about how this is paranoid or lunatic. And by the way, I have no association with that company.

  2. Texas Colt carryJuly 10, 2013 at 7:10 PM

    Nice pen! I have several similar pens myself.



    Suck on it bitches!!!!!