Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tennessee Man Dead - Negligent Discharge - Bullet Passed through the Floor


Local news reports

Columbia police are investigating the Sunday morning death of a 19-year-old man they believe was the victim of a “tragic shooting accident,” Sgt. Vince Morgan said. 

James Tyler Wisdom of Columbia died inside his town home from a single gunshot wound to his head, according to a police report. 

Morgan said Wisdom’s roommate was upstairs showing a .45-caliber Sauer pistol to another person about 1 a.m. Sunday when it discharged. The bullet passed through the floor striking Wisdom, who was standing in the kitchen area below.  


  1. Notice the language: "when it discharged", as if it went off on its own. This "tragic accident" was negligence by the gun owner, plain and simple.

    1. Do you know the difference between reporting and commentary?

    2. Do you know the difference between accident and negligence?

    3. No, Greg does not. He prefers the term accident for the obvious reason that it diminishes the responsibility of the idiot gun owner.

    4. I know the difference. I'm simply not willing to take your word for it that all unintended shootings are of one kind.

    5. Nor do you ever state your position of accident, or negligence on the multiple posts Mike posts. Coward, who never takes a stand, then stands behind his stand. Like saying you pay no attention to the NRA, but then come here and defend their racist policies.