Friday, December 20, 2013

Iowa Shooting Range Death

The Mahaska County Sheriff's Office received a call around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday stating there was a person on the ground with what appeared to be a gunshot wound at the Hull Shooting Range four miles west of Oskaloosa.
Authorities released the victim’s identity on Thursday.
He was Daniel Eugene Karow, 73, of Oskaloosa.
The sheriff's office says deputies arrived and found Karow semi-concious.
He was taken by ambulance to Mahaska Health Partnership where he died a few hours later as the result of a gunshot wound to the abdomen.
Investigators said it appears Karow was unloading a revolver when it went off and struck him.
Just imagine how many stupid things this guy has done with guns during his long life. He may have even injured others or himself in the past. But, since we take such a tolerant view of gun mishaps, guys like this are allowed to continue on their way until they kill themselves or another. It's a tragedy which could be avoided.


  1. Or just imagine that this was his first unintended discharge. We can imagine lots of things. That isn't evidence.

    1. The story shows the gun owner was not responsible enough to use a gun. If he was, he would not be dead.

    2. None of this is about evidence, Greg. It's a blog not a fucking court of law. What we are trying to do is be honest and admit to things that are obvious.

    3. Thanks for admitting that you're not concerned about reason, Mikeb.

    4. Thanks for showing, again, that you care less about life.